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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Premier Klein makes a commitment on Auto Insurance 

Finally some good news on what we are going to be paying for our auto insurance and it comes from the bossman himself.

Yesterday the premier said "I would hope according to what I have seen thus far they will go down -- not significantly but down from where they are right now. Whether they will go down lower than Saskatchewan and Manitoba, I really don't know, but they would be within $10 or $15 or $20 (of) the rates they pay in those provinces." See story in Calgary Sun May 5, 2004. See also CBC report here.

That's good enough for me because here's what the situation is now.

Comparison of Average Auto Insurance Rates by Province
Consumers Association of Canada Report September 2003
Alberta $1853
Manitoba $787
Saskatchewan $904

So let's take the worst case which would be that Albertans would pay $20 more than our neighbours in Saskatchewan. That means that we would be paying $924 a year for our insurance, down from the $1853 we pay now.

Well I think that's terrific. It shows what the private insurance industry and a right-wing Tory government can do when they put their heads together. This is an average saving of over $900 a year and will go a long way toward making us forget the hosing we are taking due to electricity deregulation and the hosing we are going to be taking on health care privitization.

Way to go Ralph!

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