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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, May 28, 2004

Why are these people huddled together?  

This morning I went onto Direct Energy's spanking new website to see if it made sense for the Slow family to purchase one of those long term, fixed price contracts for gas. Greeting me was the happy family shown here on the left.

Our family doesn't use the couch like that. We tend to spread out a bit more. I was concerned we were missing out on a new family game we hadn't heard about.

After checking Direct's new contract gas prices (click here) it dawned on me. They are playing the new Alberta game called "Freeze and Fly" and here's how it works.

First you sign up for a new five year contract with locked-in gas prices. Then set the thermostat to one degree above that required to freeze water in Rover's dish. This keeps the gas bill below $800 a month. Make sure to crazy glue the temperature control so the wife doesn't crank it up on you. Then huddle together for warmth for five years. Then spend your Air Miles on a family flight to Regina.

Looks like fun.

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