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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Klein Kollege rolls out course in Ralphanomics 

In a high profile announcement at the Alberta Legislature , Learning Minister Lyle Oberg and Klein Kollege President Conrad Black today announced the rollout of an introductory course in Ralphanomics - the economic theory based on the unique mathematical notions of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein.

"Albertan don't understand squat about adding and subtracting and stuff like that" said the Minister. "How can we possibly expect them to understand complex economic issues like why it is good for taxpayer dollars to go be given to American-owned packing plants. We need to give them the tools to understand these things."
To teach the course, the Kollege has enlisted none-other than the Alberta Finance Minister Pat Nelson, (shown here with two really big graphs), as she is the only person in the Klein cabinet who pretends to understand the Premier when it comes to mathematical manipulation.

In a prepared statement Ms. Nelson said "The Premier has honed his skills through many years of filling out expense accounts. While the ordinary person may think this is a straight-forward process, things can get pretty complex when it comes to rationalizing a $1097 tip for concierge and maid services. Mr Klein is an acknowledged genius in this little-known facet of economics."

The Alberta Government has contracted with the Online Education division of Ralph's World to deliver this education to Albertans across the province through the internet. The first module, entitled "Trickle Down - How flowing taxpayer dollars to American-owned packing plants benefits Albertans and their children" will be available as soon as the Finance Minister can get her head around it.

Stay tuned.

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