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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, July 02, 2004

Healthcare Consultation - Alberta Style 

Premier Klein has dutifully asked Albertans for their input into the public health-care debate. To quote from the government website, "Two reports were also released that will form the basis of discussion with Albertans this fall to develop long-term solutions to resolve persistent challenges facing public health."

The reports are:
    Challenging Health System Sustainability by the Conference Board of Canada

    A Sustainable Health System for Albertans, MLA Task Force on Health Care Funding and Revenue Generation -- the Graydon report.

Both these reports were financed by the Alberta government using our provincial taxpayer dollars and, not surprisingly, draw conclusions supporting the standard Klein/Mar solutions of user fees, health-care premiums and the like. The Romanow report is nowhere mentioned and we assume will not be considered as this was paid for by our federal taxpayer dollars and thus somehow tainted.

This is like trying to answer questions about the origin of mankind by reading only The Bible and ignoring Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species or vise versa. It purposefully ignores information that does not fit with a preconceived solution.

It's manipulation time in Alberta, folks. Be very careful what your government is feeding you; it might be bad for your health.

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