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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Low Estimate 116 Billion: High at 220 Billions  

If you are planning on Voting Conservative, take a look at what you are buying into!
These are in the works; you can see why Ralph wants early election before
the public catches on!

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

A summary and explanation of Conservative exploitation..

Dear Mr. Klein:

If you are elected again, the debt coming onto Albertans over the next year and slated to come out of Taxpayer pockets!

Railroad 70 Billion dollars
Electrical Grid and upgrade 40 billion dollars
Water Pipelines 6 billion dollars

Inside figures 116 billions of dollars in Industrial expenditures all to come out of the tax payers pockets! (All in the works now)

The finance plan: Paid for by Health Care Premiums, deposits on drink containers and a sales tax yet to come on electricity. Bludgeon the seniors through health care premiums and massive increases in water and electrical bills as, they are the least empowered. Set limits for seniors benefits which according to your corporate friends are adequate. Not so by the people who have to live within your limits.

You have mapped out multi billions of dollars income from oil sands in Alberta even at very reduced royalties and no income tax collected. Yet you are void of any spending plans. This is so shallow!

Your plan as usual, is to turn everything over to private companies or private operators suggesting they are not Government even though they are made up of members appointed by the Government. This is a way to separate you from the crisis that is about to fall. Had these companies remained departments you would not be able to throw up your hands and say I can do nothing! Citizens would be able to ask their MLA for change, not possible following your route.

Your policy and continued practice is going to give Alberta the highest cost of living in Canada if not the world!

As I have come to see it, this province won’t be able to survive you!

If you have a response to this assessment, I will post it.

Yours very truly

John Clark.

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