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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Private for profit healthcare - not a good idea 

This from a regular Ralph's World Contributor

When politicians claim that allowing private for profit (PFP) health
care delivery will relieve the pressure on the public health care
system, I beg to differ.

Fees charged by PFP clinics, surgical facilities or hospitals are not
set by public authorities, as they are in the public health care
system. Thus, PFP facilities can set their fees to cover administration
costs, advertising, return on investment, as well as salary levels high
enough to attract the best health care professionals away from the
public system.

The end result will be that health care providers will be bled from
the public system, leaving it short staffed. Waiting time in the public
system will then be longer, not shorter. There is ample evidence of this
happening in both, England and Australia, where PFP facilities were
allowed to compete with the public system.

Tax dollars meant for health care should not be spent on duplicated
administration costs, advertising, and investor profits. I believe that
the most efficient and cost effective health care can only be provided
with a publicly funded, administered, and delivered health care system.

Yours truly,

William Dascavich
Vegreville, Alberta

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