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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, July 23, 2004

Privitzed water on it's way!! 

                                                                        John Clark
                                                                        14815 – 123 Ave.,
                                                                        Edmonton, AB
                                                                        T5L 2Y7

                                                                        January 9, 2004.

                                                                        cyberclark@shaw.ca – 780-970-4006
The Honourable Lorne Taylor
Alberta Environment
Edmonton, Alberta.

Re:- The wholesale privatization and sale of Alberta Water. As the scorpion said to the fox “It’s what I do.”

Dear Sir:

Your comments validating the Weatherford project on the inter basin transfer (two-thirds of the flow of the Peace River) to southern Alberta are noted as is the comment that a special act of legislature is all that is required to enact this; millions having be spent on the survey and mechanical planning of the project.

It is no accident I think, that this was taken while the Mulrony Government was dealing NAFTA. Reference http://nesara.insights2.org/NAFTA.html  (Pheonix Project).

Also noted is Alberta Regulations 292/84 where you quietly stripped away the title of all the water lines for Leduc, the county of Leduc, the Town of Beaumont and the town of Calmar moving the title to a newly acclaimed “Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission”.
Reference http://www.qp.gov.ab.ca/documents/regs/1984_292.cfm

By now much of these lines are paid for ripe for you to sell off for pennies as you did the electricity, parks and campgrounds. .

In both cases the door is open the complete sale of the lines and services to a private firm by a simple “Order in Council” a process that takes less than an extended coffee break and by passes an open vote in the legislature.

I recall when this was set up.  The Leduc County wanted to join Devon’s water supply and was told no by your Government.  It was mandatory they draw from Edmonton, reasons not given at the time.  You are using this same Mandatory hammer in your current dealings in the Water for Lilfe farce. Join the provincial pipe or loose all your funding.

Any excess water from the Peace River Water Pipeline or joined lines could then be dumped into the St. Mary’s aquifer in Southern Alberta and flow freely back into the USA probably unchallenged by the Federal Government.

After you have sold all of these to private enterprise as is your stated intention there is absolutely nothing to stop this same private company from turning over quick cash selling off the pipeline and now integrated services of water billing, supply etc. to a foreign company or country such as the US.

This is precisely what happened to the Aquila electrical distribution our power distribution, which was paid  for by Albertan’s is now foreign owned, nothing being returned and  personal exploitation our only view left.   You looking after us?  I really don’t think so!

If Alberta’s elect your extreme right Conservative Government again, this is the future they write.
Looking at your record, who could possibly believe you, saying otherwise?

John Clark                      (.PDF)
 CC:/ Federal Government w/question "where do you stand"

Fed's answer follows:

Minister of the Environment Ministre de l'Environnement Ottawa. Canada K1A 0H3
APR 3 2004

Mr. John Clark
14815 - 123 Avenue Edmonton AB
TsL 2Y7

Dear Mr. Clark:

The Honourable R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources, has forwarded to me a copy of his correspondence with you concerning the privatizing of water in Alberta. The federal and provincial governments share responsibility for protecting the environment, and the provincial government has jurisdiction over water management.

The federal government is responsible for navigation, fish habitat and federal lands and inter jurisdictional waters. The federal government works with the provinces and territories to encourage the provision of safe and sufficient water supplies for Canadians in areas of federal and shared jurisdiction. 

The federal and provincial governments collaborated to develop a strategy to prohibit the bulk removal of water from major river basins. Canada also amended its legislation to prohibit bulk water removals from the United States-Canada boundary waters.

lf you have not already done so, you may wish to contact the Minister of Alberta Environment, the Honourable Lorne Taylor. His address is Room 423, Legislature Building, Edmonton AB TsK
I trust you will find this helpful.

Yours sincerely,  

David Anderson, P.C.,M.P



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