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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, July 09, 2004

Tax Freedom Day 

If past years are any example, B.C.’s Fraser Institute will soon be
issuing it’s annual reminder telling Canadians that around this time of
the year they can finally stop working for the government and start
working for themselves. They call it “Tax Freedom Day.”

The implication is that any money we pay in taxes goes to benefit only
someone in government. They conveniently forget to mention that without
taxes we would have no roads or streets unless we were prepared to pay a
toll every time we used them. We would have no policing services unless
we were prepared to hire security guards. We would have no airports,
harbours, public parks, museums or libraries. We would have no food,
drug, safety or other inspection services. There would be no public
schools so we would be “free” to educate our children at our own cost.
We would have no public health care so we could be “free” to pay
exorbitant private health care insurance premiums or else go without
health care coverage. There would be no welfare programs for
disadvantaged people who would be “free” to cast themselves upon the
tender mercies of charity or else turn to crime to survive. These are
but some of the “freedoms” we would enjoy if the wealthy elite would
have their way.

In keeping with their right-wing philosophy, the Fraser Institute does
not appear to be concerned that ordinary Canadians have to pay much more
in taxes because the wealthy elite can avoid paying their fair share by
using tax havens or taking advantage of questionable tax rulings.

While I don’t approve of the corruption, patronage, and inefficiencies
prevalent in some of our governments, I am grateful to be living in a
country where government is, relatively speaking, more compassionate
toward its citizens than most. I believe we must remain vigilant that we
are not deceived by those who hide behind the “freedom” terminology
while seeking to enhance their own wealth and power.

William Dascavich
Vegreville, Alberta

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