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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Gotta Love Freddie Boy 

Alberta's Auditor General Fred "It's Only Money" Dunn has produced his report on the BSE compensation program and has found that meat packers profits were up but not "unfairly". Cargill, Lakeside Packers and XL Foods are making an average of $216.52 a head now, compared to the $79 a head made in the year before BSE was discovered in Alberta, according to the report. This is an increase in profits of 281% and it was paid for by our tax dollars.

Albertans have to readjust their thinking about concepts like "fairness" according to the Alberta Public Affairs Bureau, the government department charged with showing Albertans how to think smarter; more Tory-like. The minister overseeing the Public Affairs Bureau is none other than Premier Klein himself.

"Like our boy Freddie said in his report, a near tripling in profits isn't unfair" said Bureau spokesperson Bert "Mushroom" Mahoney. "What's more, we've already had all sorts of inquiries from foreign companies wanting to set up here in Alberta to get their share of the Alberta taxpayer dollar".

Mushroom went on to say that it makes the huge profit increases posted by the electricity, natural gas and insurance providers look puny by comparison to the meat packers. "Them Yankee meat packer boys is some smart compared to our homegrown entrepreneurs when it comes to chowing down at the public trough" he opined admiringly.

When asked about the impartiality of Mr. Dunn, Mr. Mahoney posed the question "Why would we want someone impartial reporting on something as important as this. Goodness knows what they might say. Freddie likes us and as long as he does we're going to keep him. You just never know when you're going to need a positive report"

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