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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Alberta working in concert with Sask Privitizing Water. 

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From: John Clark
To: agrivision@myexcel.ca

Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2004 5:33 PM
Subject: Water privitization in the West

It would appear your organization, though being crown presently, is set up for easy privatization!

This brings to the fore front the question of turning water resource into a commodity, then to be governed by NAFTA.

In Alberta our Minister Mike Cardinal is selling off large tracks of land and water rights on the slopes of the Canadian Rockies.

The specter now arises that there will be no resolve to the "Mad Cow" crisis until the structure is in place to sell Canadian Water to the US.

This falls in line with Alberta's privatization of water and active inter basin transfer.

Detailed reply appreciated.

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