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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ralph's press release on rail to McMurray a farce! 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
September 9, 2004.

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Re:- Projects announced Power and Rail rip offs.

Dear Premier:

Albertans should realize they will have to pay for these so called projects from oil royalties or on their utility bills. Projects built by Alberta Taxpayers, rolled into private companies with no return for Albertans in this century!

By any count, you should call the election tomorrow while there is still a little something left of this province, otherwise stripped to the bone by you and your policies.

The Oilsands Transportaton Project with an under estimate of still another 2.5 billions of dollars is a lesson in double talk and misrepresentation like no other! By what stretch of imagination do you suppose a railroad to McMurray will come in at only 2.5 billions including bridges and depots while a straight forward power line between Edmonton and Calgary is presently under budgeted at 7 billions of dollars?

A mere 300 millions of dollars in tax payer money is going into the rail for “seed funds”.(Near the same amount you have set aside for relief of power, not transmission bills).

According to the same press release, the remaining billions of dollars will be paid for by freight charges to the oil sands. The oil sands can deduct the money paid for freight charges off the precious little royalties they now pay the province! Now, even less royalies.

You are so busy with your schemes you have lost track of the numbers! Or, as has been my experience with you, you don’t have any numbers! Cost plus contracts and oil royalties does away with a lot of unnecessary budget work. Albertan’s have to wake up!

Your comments are always welcome.

John Clark

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