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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cardinal at it again! 

From: Allan Dane
To: mcardinal@assembly.ab.ca ; premier@gov.ab.ca
Cc: prime minister ; Janine Bandcroft ; Kevin Taft ; Brian Mason ;
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 7:54 AM
Subject: [MH] Grizzly Bear Population In S.W. Alberta is in Serious Trouble

Mr. Cardinal and Premier Klein:

As a continuing member of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society I am very alarmed that no action has been taken to add more protection for this species.

The following references are given for this state of affairs:



Mr. Cardinal, as Minister of Sustainable Development, you appointed a Grizzly Bear Recoverment Team and that Team, in the winter of 2003-2004, recommended that grizzly bears be declared a threatened species. Why has this not been done??? Does it require an action from the Federal Government to lift you off your glutamus maximus and get you moving???

Premier Klein, when the Crown appoints a committee to make a recommendation there usually is some fiduciary consideration involved so, when such a committee submits a recommendation, it is the duty of the Government to act on that report.

Premier Klein there are several ways that Mr. Cardinal could reasonably respond to a report from a committee he had, himself, appointed:

(1) Mr. Cardinal could have asked for clarification of important points. If such were the case, Mr. Cardinal should have informed the Members of the Legislative Assembly concerning his actions and indicated when he expected to have sufficient clarifying information.

(2) Mr. Cardinal could have asked for more information. Again. if such were the case, Mr. Cardinal should have informed the Members of the Legislative Assembly concerning his actions and indicating when he expected to have the additional information.

(3) Mr. Cardinal might not have agreed with the report of the committee. In this case it would have been his duty to submit the report to the Members of the Legislative Assembly with his own report as to why he disagreed with the report of the committee he had appointed and tender his resignation to the Lieutenant-Governor.

If Mr. Cardinal has made any decisions regarding the report which he requested, such a decision should have appeared in an order paper and sent to you, Premier Klein. It would then be your duty to send copies of the order paper to all of the other members of the Legislative Assembly and to the press gallery.

If Mr. Cardinal has not made a report to you on this matter you should request the Lieutenant-Governor to dismiss him. If, however, Mr. Cardinal made a report to you the "ball is in your court" and you should resign.

I would appreciate an email reply with an email copy to
Janine Bandcroft at eternity@islandnet.com.

K. Allan Dane
11234 - 71 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 0A6
email adane@ecn.ab.ca

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