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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, October 08, 2004

Mar Appointed Ambassador to Denmark 

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein today announced the appointment of Health Minister Gary Mar as ambassador to Denmark.

In an elaborate ceremony at government house, Mr Mar, shown here in the traditional dress of the Danish caribou people said "I'm tremendously excited with the opportunity of furthering the interests of Albertans in Denmark". Mr Mar will be replaced as Minister of Health by Dr. Lyle Oberg. Dr Oberg will be assisted in his new portfolio by Finance Minister Pat Nelson seen here in background. Ms. Nelson, who will not be running in the next election, will be on a special $150,000/year contract to the health ministry where she will offer advice about anything to Dr. Oberg should he ever asks her about anything.

Asked if the appointment had anything to do with the almost half million dollars that the Health Ministry had contracted with Mr. Mar's good friend Kelly Charlebois - contracts to give the minister "valuable advice", Klein replied "No. This has been in the works for some time now." See articles by clicking here, here and here.

Mr. Mar and his entourage will be leaving for Denmark tomorrow by boat from Vancouver making stops along the way in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and France; arriving in Denmark December 2005. Mr. Mar has declined a salary for his new position saying he wants to give back to province that has provided him with so many opportunities. He will be paid only expenses and travel time of $100/hour - starting tomorrow.

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