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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Premier Klein enters 28 day caring phase 

Edmonton, Alberta - From the Propaganda Public Affairs Bureau

"Now that the writ has been dropped The Premier will enter a 28 day caring phase" says Gordiana Turtle-Dove, spokesperson for the Alberta Government's Public Affairs Bureau. "Last month he listened, this month he cares, then it's winter nap time until Queen Whatshername shows up next May. Here you see The Premier caring about some 3-D thing the Alberta Research Council is working on."

"From now until the election we plan to have The Premier care about something everyday - non-stop caring you might say. He is a very, how to put it, - caring person. " Ms. Turtle-Dove added.

Wednesday October 27th The Premier will be in Tofield consoling nine year old James Finch who lost his goldfish in a tragic toilet flushing accident. Photo-Op at 11:30 at the Finch farm followed by free lunch and beer for reporters at the Tofield Tavern at noon.

Previous article on The Premier's listening phase available here.

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