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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, October 01, 2004

Premier Klein enters listening mode 

Edmonton, Alberta - From the Propaganda Public Affairs Bureau

"With an election in the wings it's time for The Premier to listen to Albertans again" says Gordiana Turtle-Dove, spokesperson for the Alberta Government's Public Affairs Bureau. "We will again be trotting out the "He listens. He cares" tagline we used in the last election so we thought The Premier should listen to Albertans for at least a month. After the writ is dropped he will have a month to show the care part where the bribes voting incentives will be presented . Mr. Klein feels that two months of listening and caring in four years should be good enough to keep the Marthas and Henry voting PC. As The Premier likes to say, they're a pretty contented herd."

When asked what form his listening would take, Ms. Turtle-Dove said it is being accomplished through the It's Your Future Survey which is available online and was also delivered to selected upscale homes in the Province. Staff at the Public Affairs Bureau will then summarize the results into 300 characters or less for The Premier's consumption.

"The listening part is easy. It's putting together the voting incentives that takes work. But we are fortunate to have a quality staff of 226 people who have been working on this for the last several months and they have finished their work ahead of schedule. We're ready to roll them out as soon as The Premier gives the word."

When asked if the survey results would be used to determine what the voting incentives would be Ms. Turtle-Dove replied "No, The Premier doesn't like to work that way. He already knows what Martha and Henry want. The listening part is really just to make the citizens feel they are contributing something; you know; - it's about making them feel important"

Further details available by contacting Ms. Gordiana Turtle-Dove at the Public Affairs Bureau.

For a review of the "It's Your Future" Survey, see what the Edmonton Social Planning Council has to say by clicking here.

For an eye-opener about what the Public Affairs Bureau costs the Alberta tax payer click here

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