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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, October 15, 2004

Solicitor General's on the mark- Up to us on vote day! 

John Clark
14815 - 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2Y7
August 20, 2004

Murray Smith, Minister of Energy,
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Minister:

I thank you for your detailed reply of August 19, 2004 to my August 18th letter. I will post it as soon as it is converted to an electronic format.

I have never questioned the imagination of your Government! Quite the contrary! And, I accept the numbers you have detailed. The point of our difference lies in your comment “Albertans are receiving considerable benefits now (over $7.8 billion dollars in royalties and rights fees).

The point being, your Government’s view and practice that “considerable” is acceptable, enough to keep the electorate quite, rather than “optimal” as should be the case.

As a citizen I see this year’s oil company profits moving easily beyond 10 billions of dollars of which no taxes are paid! When I view the crush of utility prices coming at us, with no relief offered by your Government, I call the plan in total, obscene!

You have again directed me to the (ISO) Alberta’ Independent System Operator for planning and operation of our Electrical System. The Energy act puts you, the Minister in charge of appointments to the ISO board of directors. I won’t say “fox in the hen house” but I do believe you directly have control over this “independent” company. This tinsel separation allows the Government, as you have just done, to throw their aprons over their faces and say “No! Not us!’.

With this protection you find it not necessary to inform Albertan’s of the impending disaster in utility bills they are facing. And, the ISO was not in place when your Government allowed the total deterioration of the power grid in Alberta often through legislative meddling to enhance your agenda in selling the resource for pennies on the dollar into power purchase options!

It remains firmly your choice as to whether you will protect Albertans from the costs as this total screw up in electrical power unfolds! The decision to do so or not lies in political will, not the rules.

Let’s see a little show of faith here! Honesty works! I am still interested in a reply to the question How did Mr. Lougheed know the cost plus projects included 11% profits? It was not public information and appears to be another case of insider information.

Yours truly,

John Clark.
It is important to recognise the Minister can get all the answers from the AESO. If the whole thing wasn't so whacked out of shape, I'm sure that is what he would do!
John Clark

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