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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, October 15, 2004

Tragic Mistake at Alberta Health Ministry 

Wrong Person severed in mistaken identity mixup

Edmonton, Alberta - RW Newswire - Alberta Government spokesperson Gordianana Turtle- Dove confirmed today that due to a mixup by a low level government clerk, Health Consultant Kelly Charlebois had his annual contract with the Alberta Health Ministry mistakenly terminated. In fact it was Health Minister Gary Mar that was supposed to be terminated.

The red-faced clerk, a Dr. S. West, was later tracked down at a local McDonald's near the legislature building where he had taken a discrete booth hidden behind the ketchup and mustard dispensing table. When question how the mixup had occurred, Dr. West said:

"The Premier told me to make that mess over at Health go away. I said there were a whole lot of messes over at Health; which one in particular was he referring to. "The Gary's Buddy mess" the Premier replied. I asked him what he wanted be to do about it but he was already into his afternoon nap and he's really bearish if you wake him during his nap time. I had to assume he meant to get rid of Gary's Buddy, not Gary himself."

Asked if any action would be taken to correct the mistake Ms. Turtle-Dove replied "No. It is more important to appear decisive than it is to correct mistakes. The decision to terminate Kelly Charlebois and keep Mr. Mar stands". She pointed to energy deregulation and the more recent auto insurance disaster as further examples of the governments "stay the course" approach to public policy.

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