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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Another 4.5 Billion in royality gone! 

Just announced!!

Suncore to build Firebag in McMurray, tax free, 1% royalty after a no charge at all, 5 years!

350,000 barrels of new output by 2006, still at 1%

That is 1.225 millions of dollars a day; 8.575 millions of dollars a week;another 4.5 billions of dollars per year leaving this province into the pockets of Suncore with zero into the pockets of Albertans!

Ralph will tell you he can’t discuss it because it is before the courts. Slicker than oil!

The ‘Journal also predicts a win for Ralph because we are just too dam dumb and uninformed to vote other than these bandits!

If you vote Conservative, know that you are responsible for giving away the resource at the lowest prices in the world, bar none and, you have said all is okay for the 30% cost of living increase you will have to live with, with no help, over the next several years.

And, we do not have any money for any project other than privitzation expences!

John Clark


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