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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Devon Debate Question 4-Ask at every debate! 

To all parties.

Alberta presently collects the lowest royalties in the word on the tar sands projects. This, being 1% on gross on the start up; 25% of the net when producing. (Depending on price they could very well be the same figure)

The top 10 oil producers in the tar sands are walking away with over 20 billions of dollars in windfall profits for this year alone!

If the royalties were increased by just 15%, the royalties would still be the lowest in the world
and our funding problems would be gone and the oil stock would remain the top performing stock in the market place! No harm will be done!
Joyce Assen - Liberal - A managed resource to the benefit of All Albertans is our priority. This does not mean we will loose sight of the need for these companies to profit."

George Rogers - PC- Be very careful you do not kill the goose!

Katie Oppen - ND - Even if we took half for the citizens of this province there would still be profits left. Let it be known it is our intention to increment royalities to the price of oil. Example larger royalities for high priced oil, smaller royalties for low priced oil.

Dave Dalke - Alliance - Alberta's resource has to be managed, not given away! If there are contracts in place they must be honored.

Kare Richert - SC - Missed her coment - will post when I get it.

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