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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Electricity Deregulation - The Sewer that Keeps on Draining 

Draining our hard-earned cash out of our pockets that is.

There are some new reports out on the failure of electrical deregulation in Alberta. They were reviewed in an Edmonton Journal article yesterday by Gordon Jaremko. There is also an article entitled Electricity Deregulation - A Possible Solution on the Martha and Henry website.

Alberta's electricity deregulation schamozzle has most of the key elements of a Klein government policy.

  1. It takes a relatively smooth running process and hopelessly complicates it in the name of "free markets".

  2. It shifts scarce government resources from regulation activities that benefit the Alberta consumer to coverup and public relations activities that benefit the Klein government. Contrary to what Mr. Klein would have you believe, regulation is not a bad word. It means enforcing the rules, something the Klein government does very selectively. In Alberta for example, AISH recipients are very closely monitored for abusing the system. Oil sand companies? - well, not too much.

  3. It takes a few dollars away from a lot of us and gives a lot of dollars to a few of us. We all pay more on our electricity bills, the owners of the power producing companies get very wealthy. This is called "building vibrant companies" in Ralph speak. I'd vibrate too if I was in on the take.

"The sewer that keeps on draining". That's what the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party motto should be in this election.

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