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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Journal playing straight man for Ralph's show! 

John Clark
Wednesday November 25-04

The Edmonton Journal, true to form, is heralding in Ralph’s dented victory as a success for the Right. The very partisan Journal would have us believe the privatization schemes are all the fault of the voters, not electing some of Ralph’s city buddies!

Because we terfed out a few Tories the terrible right wing rural vote will rule the legislature! So says the Edmonton Journal. This is two days after they ran the add in careers for a senior corporate lawyer for capital health.

Personally, I think the Journal is Ralph’s way of announcing he is about to embark on his dismantling of the province and It’s very tattered social system. Dig in folks, talking to inside Tories I am told the Conservative’s are going to plough us under in such a way all will be lost forever and, they really don’t think they will survive another election.

I think a program is needed and Ralph’s world can play a part for all stripes of politic.

Send myself or Ralph’s world an email telling which candidate promised what and we will run the score board on line! These guys had to be lying through their teeth to get elected. Let’s hold them to it!.

What promises were made and by which conservative candidate?
What questions were asked, and received no clear answer?

Let’s keep tab on line!

John Clarkcyberclark@shaw.ca

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