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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, November 19, 2004

Klein Suspends Rookie Tory MLA From Caucus 

Calgary - November 19, 2004 - RW Newswire:

Warning! Political satire. Do not call the police.

Alberta Premeir Ralph Klein took radical action today in an attempt to reign in one of his most outspoken MLAs. In a move viewed by many as an attempt to regain control of his increasingly raucus caucus, Klein suspended rookie Tory MLA Drew Hutton. His sin? Thinking maybe he should attend one of the all-candidate forums in his Edmonton-Glenora riding.

Hutton earned his reputation for outspokeness three years ago when responding to a reporter's question about what he thought of his new boss. "I really like Mr. Klein, I think he is wonderful" was his response at the time. The newly-elected MLA did not realize that the official Tory response to this question was supposed to be "I just simply adore Mr. Klein. He is just so mavericky it makes me all tingly inside".

In an exclusive interview with the Ralph's World editorial board a tired looking Klein said. "I told them all a million times that no one was to attend these forums. No exceptions. And I lead by example. I haven't been to one of those stupid things in decades" Asked if he did not think expulsion from the caucus was too severe a penalty given that Mr. Hutton did not actually attend a forum Klein replied "No. It wouldn't be fair to the other PC candidates. None of them attend forums and I didn't want Drew thinking he's above everyone else"

In a telephone interview a despondent Hutton said "I really do love Mr. Klein and I really do get all tingly inside just thinking about him. I just thought we were supposed attend these things. I'm really still learning what it is to be a true Tory"

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