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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Klein's Auto Insurance Mess Gets Messier  

It is hard to imagine how the Klein government could have screwed up Auto Insurance any more than they already have. They had finally managed to get a policy in place that kept the insurance companies happy and simply screwed the citizens and the injury trial lawyers. This followed standard Tory philosophy which states When you are going to put the shaft to the citizens, make sure you shaft another group even more. Albertans don't mind the government screwing them as long as they think someone else is getting screwed worse.

Now they have managed to get the Auto Insurance companies mad at them by fiddling with the insurance grid just before the election in what appears to be a bid to capture the high risk driver vote in Alberta. Have a look at this article in today's Edmonton Journal. Insurance official says Alberta auto reforms help bad drivers the most. Here's just one quote from the article. "The Alberta government has asked brokers to keep quiet about the disparity in savings from auto reforms with an election approaching," says the Nov. 1 issue of Thompson's World Insurance News.

Looks like the insurance brokers forgot to listen.

It is difficult to know whether the Klein government is corrupt or simply grossly incompetent. Either way they need to be voted out off office on November 22nd.

Premier Klein promised us lots. Click here for a quick review. He has delivered squat

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