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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Alberta electrical linemen jobs going south? 

Prime Minister <pm@pm.gc.ca>

It presently takes more than 5 years in an apprenticeship program in Alberta before a person can be called a lineman.

The USA because of trained labor shortages, has cut their apprenticeship program to 2 years. If the person applying has a higher education in math, this can be further reduced to 1 year!

In discussion with Electrical Engineers and people in the industry, the US has embarked on a dangerous path which promises a different kind of mayhem in the electrical transmission industry in the US.

I ask you to put forward now, the rules which will prohibit Alberta from drawing on the US linemen who have not had the full apprenticeship behind them!

Ralph has been running with no plan at all, play it as it rolls, in his electrical so called program!

He is going to find he is very short of linemen. Please protect the Canadian Jobs!

Thank you!
John Clark.

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