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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Calgary Joins US Missile Defense Shield 

Washington DC - March 24, 2005 - RW Newswire:

Alberta's Premier Klein made a surprise announcement yesterday by saying that Calgary had agreed to sign on to President Bush's Missile Defense Shield. For further details, see Globe & Mail article.

Speaking from Alberta's posh new Washington DC Headquarters (named Maison de Murray after the first Chef de Mission Murray Smith) the Premier made it clear that unlike the rest of Canada, Albertans in general and Calgarians in particular love President Bush, Veep Dick Cheney, and all that they stand for.

"To show our support for the President, we are announcing today that Calgary will be joining that US Missile Defense Shield thing - you know - Starwars and all that goes with it. We Albertans have a strong culture of guns and rockets that we share with our good neighbours to the south. We're mavericks, just like the Yanks are." The Premier went on to say that Canadians in other provinces are all pretty much wimps, most of them even being afraid of fireworks.

When questioned on the details of how Calgary would participate the Premier replied "Well, there are still a few details that George and I have to work out but I'm going to suggest to him that we have a contest for the best Starwars plan from Grade 6 classes all across the United States and Alberta. We'll announce the winner when the Queen is here this summer. She'll be impressed. "

The Premier then unveiled an artist's concept of what the Calgary Missile Defense Shield might look like. See photo at left.

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