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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

CBC or Rabonivitch on Conservative payroll? 

John Clark

14815 – 123 Ave

Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7


Robert Rabinovitch,

President and CEO, CBC,

Box 3220, Station C, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1E4

Re:- Dismissal of Don Hill by the CBC

Dear Mr. Rabinovitch:

The CBC has long been negligent in reporting or investigating as journalists, the political and financial situation of Alberta and its political system. This will ultimately effect all of Canada and the U S of A. More specifically it will for ever change the face Alberta!

Unless you havn't noticed, Ralph is doing away with whole Government Departments making them "private companies". This allows Ralph to claim gains balancing budgets while the direct cost for these "departments come companies" is charged to Albertans on their utility bills.

I have long thought because of your disinterest, your party ticket was that of a Tory but, beyond this you most certainly must have direct ties to the Alberta Government at one or more levels.

Your steadfast ignoring of this province and it’s scope would could lead me to no other conclusion than you are on side with persons or parties within this Government.

From a citizen standpoint, the Alberta Conservatives have had no actual plan for any of their changes in privatization since day one. At best Mr. Klein and his company are following a nebulas doctrine or ideology only and let the pieces fall where they may. It has been demonstrated on many occasions they have not even done any budgets or cost extensions on the implementation of the great ideology!

Compounding this, the Conservatives brought their member sitting Dr. Steve West into play. His job was to quite dissidents. In his words “they will tow the line or else.” The loss to Albertan’s was a huge number of the people who actually planned. They were seen as dissidents and told to move on.

While this is going on which such a grand scale, the CBC sat quiet.

Even now, while Alberta is under investigation for ENRON connections, the CBC is silent. Parisian Politics practiced by the CBC? Yes!

The Alberta Power Corp would be worth an investigative job. From a non identity to looking after unsold Power Purchase Agreements they now show 600 millions of dollars assets and profits. Considering they paid nothing for this and the company is now private and the tax payers have yet to receive a cent for the asset, it is less than an average business deal. Where is the CBC? Toasting Ralph Klein and company?

One brave heart Don Hill with his fingers on the pulse of the Alberta community, with no staff to help him, seen the opportunity for honest journalism and opened his phone lines to a very broad spectrum of intelligent, thought out people for discussion on items of interest to Albertans. Considering the Conservatives got in with just 20% of the available vote actually voting, a Journalistic story on Riding Allocations in Alberta would be worth while and interesting to all of Canada. Where’s the CBC? Still, Don Hill went to bat for the 80% disenfranchised Albertans.

And, you chose to turf him out! This is a very sad day for the Canadian Media and all people working in the media should feel a new rush of insecurity because of this.

Don Hill was the last vestige of honest journalism in this province. A very badly needed resource! If you are looking for cuts, look to the people who put Dan Hill forward for the axe.

Wild Rose Check up under an interviewer would be a farce! If you are going to pull this, better the Government of Canada give the Alberta Portion of Funding to an organization who will take an interest in our issue!

Yours truly,

John Clark

Copy Paul Martin, PM .pdf

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Don Orchard, Regional Director,
CBC Calgary,
Box 2640, Calgary, AB,
T2P 2M7
(Phone: 521-6215) OR email don_orchard@cbc.ca

CBC Audience Relations: 1-866-306-4636 (Toronto)

Jane Chalmers,
Vice President, English Radio,
CBC, Box 3220, Station C,
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1E4, email Jane_Chalmers@cbc.ca

Robert Rabinovitch,
President and CEO, CBC,
Box 3220, Station C,
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 1E4 email Robert_rabinovitch@cbc.ca

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