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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, March 05, 2005

CBC turfs out a fine Journalist after he reviewed Ralphs' power scheme honestly! 

The full sordid story with links for your support.

Many of you probably already know that Don Hill has been fired from his
position as the host of the Wild Rose Forum. This is a very serious attack
on free speech as well as the firing of an excellent host of discussion in
Alberta. He brought challenging ideas to the front.

Many concerned listeners are now being mobilized for a call for his

I hope you will join us.



Letter to Antonia Zerbis of the Toronto Star from Ted Woynillowicz, 3
March 2005

To: azerbis@thestar.ca
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 10:18 PM
Subject: CBC host loses job in Alberta- a blow to free speech

7328 36 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
T3B 1T8

Dear Antonia,

On Feb 28, 2005 , Don Hill, host of the Alberta CBC Wild Rose Country talk
show (and former host of CBC radio's Tapestry) aired in Alberta was
unexpectedly terminated. There has been no explanation to Alberta CBC
listeners and only one article in the media found below.

Mr.Hill listened to his audience and articulated their concerns on issues in Alberta through his
program. He did not shy away from public interest issues such as deregulation of electricity, privatizing health care, gay rights, democracy, genetically engineered and foods, or the effects of transnational corporations such as meatpacking plants in Alberta.

The action taken by CBC and the subsequent chill that that will have on subsequent hosts is clearly a step backward and a heavy blow to a province that has already displayed a lack of tolerance for dissenting or opposing views. The CBC is responsible to its listeners and needs to come clean.

Furthermore it needs to reinstate Mr. Hill to his position of host of Wild Rose Country. Without alternate views and public discourse and dialogue, the institution of democracy is under direct threat. We must not allow this to happen.

It is of vital importance to take action to restore Mr. Hill to his position as host of this daily talk show. We must not allow the self interest of a minority to deny, control or manipulate in any form or degree the right to hear differing points of view. We have a right to express our views but we also have a right to hear differing views.

I would like to ask you to consider delving into this urgent issue. It is of vital importance to many Albertans. Did Don Hill step on some toes while investigating Transalta Utilities and possible use of
Alberta as a guinea pig during deregulation ventures in the U.S.? Who stands to gain from his termination? Who stands to lose from this move? Was pressure applied to CBC to terminate Mr. Hill's position? By Whom? Why? We are hearing nothing.

Your consideration of exploring the issue of democracy under siege in
Alberta would be appreciated.

Yours truly,

Ted Woynillowicz
403 286 9283
John Clark

March 2, 2005
Edmonton Sun


Doesn't sound right.

The CBC rarely dispatches show hosts with no notice on the grounds of being "redundant," which was the official reason Don Hill was given earlier this
week for his immediate termination as host of CBC radio's noon news/call-in Wild Rose Forum.

Hmmm ... wouldn't have anything to do with the veteran journalist's persistent investigation into Enron and its relationship to
Alberta's power grid during the province's "electricity-restructuring" period, would it?

Or with Hill's ongoing series on gay rights, which has drawn serious fire from both sides of that particular debate? The CBC wouldn't fire program hosts because of political heat. Would it?


As at 9:30 pm 2 March Wednesday, Don Hill is still described on the cbc
website as working for them:


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