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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Conservatives focus on acceptable level of poverty. 

Alberta Conservatives are on a roll! Read below, they will determine what level of poverty is acceptable for help. Remember their plans for subsidized accommodation was based not on cost or budget but, on how much a pensioner could pay and still have 265 dollars left in their jeans!

Jim Dinning meanwhile is telling the inside Conservatives they are too soft, have to toughen up! ‘Promises much more of the same if elected as premier.

Meanwhile, the tar sands oil companies have declared their largest profits in history from work in any state entirely due to Albertans being sold down the river by having them pay the lowest royalties in the world. Yes, it is party time for the Alberta Conservatives.

The conservative government response to the additonal help question:
Thank you for visiting the Alberta Connects web site. Following is the response to your question prepared by Seniors and Community Supports [SENIORS]

On 2005-03-03 19:36:00 you wrote:

As a senior I am very interested in the extent of help one may expect. Will there be sufficient help to cover 1 pair invisible of tri-focal glasses annually; or once every two years?

Thank you.
John Clark

Seniors and Community Supports responds as follows:

Thank you for your question.
The enhanced benefit package for seniors, which includes new programs for dental and optical assistance, will be introduced later this spring. The Government of Alberta recognizes the importance of good dental and optical health as a key component of healthy aging. The dental and optical assistance programs will focus on providing a reasonable level of dental and optical health for Alberta's seniors. Both programs will encourage seniors to share the responsibility for their dental and optical health. The income-based program will target financial assistance to lower-income seniors who are most in need, while seniors with moderate incomes will also be eligible for partial dental and optical assistance."

Alberta Connects is constantly updated to provide you with important information about Alberta programs and services. We invite you to visit us soon.

Alberta Connects

Toll-Free 310-4455
Internet http://www.gov.ab.ca/

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