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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Weighting the Evidence" Conference Announced 

A group of organizations concerned about health care in our fair province have announced a two day conference to be held in Calgary Saturday April 30, 2005 to May 1st. Details can be found at the conference website. This conference, which is open to the public for a fee, preceds the Government's Third Way Conference, also in Calgary on May 3 to 5. The government conference is not open to the public but is free if you can get on the invitation list. A call to the Minister's Department assured me that a fair and balanced selection of the public and media would be invited to attend. Yours truly was not on the list, possibly due to falling into both the unfair and unbalanced categories.

Below is the intro for Weighing the Evidence.

Early in May the Alberta government is holding a symposium of experts and invited guests to discuss the future for our public health system. Premier Ralph Klein has referred to moving to a "third way" to deliver health care in the province. The Premier says Alberta should look at models of privatization from Europe, Australia and places other than the U.S.

Critics suggest the government is trying to publicly rationalize its on-going push to commercialize the health system and turn over more and more of it to investor ownership.

The Friends of Medicare and a number of public organizations are organizing an alternative conference, open to all Albertans to examine the evidence on blending for-profit delivery in health systems. Experts from across Canada and other countries provide information and analysis on the question of what commercialization does to health care.

Stay tuned. Should be an interesting beginning to the month of May.

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