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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blow-up Sex Dolls 

"But let's just say you don't often see "Alberta Securities Commission" and "blow-up sex dolls" in the same sentence as we did in a front page national story last month."

These words from the Edmonton Journal’s Graham Thompson in last Wednesday’s paper prompted a flood of inquiries from anxious Ralph’s World readers.

One reader even sent in a photograph (see left) which she believes captures a team of Alberta Security Commission investigators preparing to confront an unknown Alberta firm under investigation for electrical power price manipulation. Although unclear as to the exact purpose of the blow-up sex doll she believes investigators use it to put those under investigation “at ease” and thus more likely to inadvertently “spill the beans”.

Researcher’s from Ralph’s World staff did Google the phrases “blow-up sex doll” in combination with “Alberta Securities Commission” but Google returned no hits. An e-mail has been hand-delivered to Graham Thompson asking him for clarification of which national newspaper ran this story.

We promise to keep you up-to-date on what many are calling “The Michael Jackson Caper of the North”.

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