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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Premier Klein Prepares for the Queen 

A clearly excited Premier Klein today announced the first in a series of cultural projects that will be rolled out for the visit of her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip this May.

"While the recent budget didn't have any money clearly earmarked for the arts, we will be rolling out spending for the arts in conjunction with the Queen's visit. This way we make the taxpayer dollar do double duty. Albertans get some arty things that the lefties have been whining for and we look cultured in front of the Queen. It's the kind of "outside the box" thinking that me and my government have become famous for."

With that introduction, the Premier unveiled a pair of magnificent art deco slot machines that will be made available for the personal use of the Queen and Prince Phillip for the duration of their stay in Alberta.

"We didn't want to build fancy toilets for them like some countries do. We thought a couple of slots would be a lot more fun. We'll rig 'em so they payout at 200%. That'll make Queen and Prince feel super about been here. After they take off we'll set the payout back to 80% and donate the machines, one each, to the Edmonton and Calgary art galleries. The profits from the machines will go directly to the galleries which should keep them off our backs."

The Premier went on to say that gaming plays an ever-increasing role in his government's economic diversification strategy. He pointed out that government revenue from gaming now exceeds that produced from oil sands royalties. (Ed. - that, unlike the rest of this article, is true)

The Premier than generously donated the next three hours of his time to demonstrate the proper use of the machines for the assembled media throng.

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