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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Healthy day for Health care.-Tell the Minister what you think! 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
June 15, 2005.

The Honorable Iris Evans,
Minister of Health,
107 Legislative Building
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6


Dear Minister:
I enjoyed an unusually refreshing read in the Sun this AM having to do with your direction in penalizing or rewarding people for the way they take responsibility for their own health. In this, reference is made to higher premiums for people who do no exercise or indulge in risk taking health, sports or driving habits. On the other hand the article is suggesting you still support deductions for membership payments to Gyms and training facilities.

In this province under the present jurisdiction this can only be called brave and forward thinking and, you are to be congratulated.

I do have problems with the reference to massive health care costs taking over half of the Governments revenues. This I see as a gambit to set the stage for Ralph’s privatization plans.

Your government’s history would indicate you are prepared to spend multi billions of dollars on new hospital facilities and then curtail staffing and there by; utilization. It is the pattern to create line ups in health care sufficient to run the thread of risk but still not put the government under the gavel. The millions come billions of dollars for new facilities will be tagged onto the “health care costs”.

Ralph’s sticking around because he still has “things to do”. After the new facilities are in like power grids, your government is ready to turn them over the private firms like Dinning’s company. Like power lines, these will be transferred over at a one dollar sale price for every 1000 dollars of value. Not unlike the power debacle.

To give me comfort, I will need to hear from the Government (preferably in legislation) that the infrastructure will remain the property off the taxpayer.

The power generating capacities have not all been sold. Albertans received nothing for them and they were whisked away into a Government created company thereby making them “private”, “definitely not the property of taxpayers.”

Your views in this area would be appreciated. I do again thank you for a positive start.

John Clark.



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