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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, July 22, 2005

Law comes down on exploiters of Seniors in St. Paul. 

July22, 2005
On a trip to St. Paul Alberta this past week I tripped across still another breaking story having to do with Senior Abuse which, the Conservatives deny.

An individual or individuals in the local Credit Union were apparently working in conjunction with a person or persons in the local “old age home” in a shake down operation targeting seniors who owned property.

These seniors were apparently swifted by the system into giving up title to their homes on the false threat that such title would decrease their pensions or social security.

Lawyers and RCMP are involved; things are moving.

Let’s see if Ralph’s team will create some legislation along the lines of disclosure to protect seniors from the bully attitude of their offspring and the sharks in the financial institutions. Or in Ralph’s fashion, hide it under the carpet.

Check the archives; we have repeatedly asked for a “Senior’s advocate” working from the legislatures.

Appreciate an “ombudsman” has no power to demand information. This office can only ask and hope to receive a reply which, the Conservatives are very short on.

You see it first on Welcome to Ralph’s world. Here is where the news and researched facts are found. Those archives hold your futures!

John Clark

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