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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, September 04, 2005

ASC's New Logo replaces Sex Doll Theme 

At a splashy Photo Op held last Wednesday, Alberta Securities Commission CEO and chairman Bill Rice, former managing partner of the Calgary based Bennett Jones law firm, unveiled a new logo for the beleaguered commission. See related story here.

The cute blue doggy greets you with a friendly "Hi Ya" which is designed to make Alberta Investors feel confident in Alberta investments. This is a marked departure from the ASC’s previous Sex Doll logo (see left) which greeted you with a very friendly “Hi Ya Handsome” and was designed to make Alberta Investors feel decidedly horny.
Click here for sex doll background story.

Rice still refuses to release the two previous investigative reports conducted into the sordid affairs of the ASC stating "There are matters that aren't particularly well suited for public analysis and exposure." Well suited for who Mr. Rice?

Rice also indicated that his biggest desire was to move past the months of negative stories plaguing the commission. "At what point do we get an entitlement to carry on with our responsibilities?" he wondered.

Let me help you with this Bill.

That point starts when you release the two reports that you are keeping from the public.

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