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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Klein Sells "Maverick Brand" on E-Bay 

Dateline Calgary - RW Newswire:

Today out-going Alberta Premier Ralph Klein auctioned off his "Maverick Brand" to political hopeful Jim Dinning for an estimated $3.9 million. The transaction took place on E-Bay, the world's largest on-line auction house. Dinning lost no time in having an article placed in the Calgary Herald entitled "Maverick spirit defines Albertans".

When asked what he would do with his windfall, Mr. Klein indicated that it would either be donated to the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, the Friends of Ralph Klein Retirement Fund, or to help top up monthly payments for those Albertans on AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped ). "Let me be clear " the Premier stated. "It will be directed to where it is most deserved.

Mr. Dinning, relaxing here astride what he proudly calls the world's tiniest sofa, and with what appears to be a noose swinging perilously close to his neck, told reporters that acquiring the Maverick Brand was worth every penny.

"Albertans don't have time to follow the issues" he said. "They just want to feel good about themselves. If thinking they're mavericks makes them feel good then I'm here to help them with that thought. All I ask is that they remember who makes them feel good when it comes time for voting."

Several other Tory hopefuls also participated in the bidding for the Maverick Brand. Losing bids were:

Mark Norris - $3.8 million
Dave Hancock - $3.45 million
Lyle Oberg - $11.50

Although Premier Klein has indicated that he will stay on as Premier until 2007, speculation has Klein being offered the job of Press Secretary to US President George Bush, replacing the beleaguered Scott McClellan. The pending visit by US VP Dick Cheney to Calgary on September 9th has lent credence to this speculation.

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