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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tyson/Lakeside Packers Strike 

Dateline: RW - Brooks, Alberta

"Only 50 striking workers will be allowed to picket outside the Lakeside Packers plant at a time, the province's labour relations board has ruled. The board, responding to a request from Tyson Foods, which owns the plant, also said the union can stop vehicles long enough to make them aware there is a strike, but can't prevent them from entering the plant." Click here for full story.

This ruling from the Alberta Labour Relations Board, while appearing pro-management on the surface, is really meant to help out the strikers an ALRB spokesperson explained earlier today. In response to a question from a Ralph's World reporter, Ms. Grace Perogee expanded on the Board's decision.

"Allowing only 50 workers on the picket line will mean that workers will have more free time while on strike . Instead of wasting their days trying to improve their wages and working conditions, activities our provincial government considers decidedly "Un-Albertan", they will be able to visit their local food bank or look for work at MacDonalds, activities our government considers "Pro-Albertan". Particularly Pro-Albertan for those from Newfoundland and Africa who lets face it, never had it so good. I doubt they even have food banks or MacDonalds in St. John's or Namibia".

On the ruling about stopping vehicles only long enough to inform management and replacement workers that a strike was in progress, Ms. Perogee explained it this way. "Many of the management and replacement workers may not be aware that a strike is in progress. Stopping the vehicles for a minute will allow the strikers to pass that information on. It is our hope that the strikers will be able to use this time to get to know their management team better, - to better understand their human side."

To further illustrate the human side of Tyson, Ms. Perogee pointed to the their website where the fine folks at Tyson have provided a free PDF booklet of spiritual blessings entitled Giving Thanks at Mealtime (see picture at left). Strikers and their families are welcome to use the booklet as they bless their food from the food bank.

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