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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, November 04, 2005

Aon is A-OK with Klein Government 

Dateline Edmonton - RW Newswire

The wide-eyed look on the face of Alberta's Premier Ralph Klein, (shown here on the left), came about after the Premier keyed the words “Aon corruption” into a Google search box.

The occasion was a press conference called to explain why the Chicago-based consulting firm Aon Corporation was hired by Alberta Health to consult on Third Way initiatives in spite of the fact that they had just been forced to pay $190 million to settle a fraudulent "pay to play" scheme in the US. Under the scheme insurer's had to pay kickbacks to Aon in order to receive business. Click here and here for details.

Earlier Alberta Liberal Opposition leader Kevin Taft had said "You wonder why the government did not do a simple Google search on the words Aon and corruption and discover what they were getting into". In order to prove to Albertans that he is just as computer-savvy as Taft, Klein actually entered the search into a computer under the watchful eyes of Alberta Health Minister Iris Evans. The eye-popping expression came as he discovered that the search yielded over 32,000 hits.

Try the search yourself by clicking here.

After the Premier was removed from the room Alberta Health spokesperson Grace Perogee said that kickbacks were never a serious consideration in the acceptance of Aon as Alberta's Third Way consultant. She did however agree that donations to the Progressive Conservative Party are always acceptable.

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