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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, November 25, 2005

Klein's Loch Ness Monster is Ugly, Immoral - & Stupid 

Stupid? You ask. Aren’t Alberta’s MLAs intelligent and educated?

Well, yes, but since humans arrived on earth, doing stupid things has never been confined to those of low IQ and poor education. Stupid is when intelligent men turn a blind eye to warning signs and dive into waters that suck them under and countless others with them.

Want to see stupid? Think what’s happening to the supposedly smartest nation in the world after plunging into Iraq without a plan for getting out.

When the head of Klein’s health care monster was exposed to the public recently (press release by Liberal party’s health critic) it revealed a sales campaign designed to plunge Alberta headlong into the murky waters of market place medicine. His cohorts deny it, of course, but you’d have to have been lost in the jungles of Guatemala for the last ten years not to know a blueprint for another of Klein’s propagandizing programs.

This latest sales pitch emerges against the backdrop of another of Klein’s media-invented dangerous dragons. He has been repeating the word “unsustainable” like a mantra just as he did the word “deficit” until he seems actually to believe his own distortions of reality. To defeat this “unsustainable” dragon he is trying to create the optical illusion of himself riding out on his “privatizing” monster to rescue us from the very waiting lists and crammed emergency rooms and horribly understaffed hospitals that his government itself has created. No warning signs, no evidence that privatization has sucked other countries into troubled waters far worse than the ones he’s helped create, seems to keep him from planning to plunge this whole province into waters where we will have lost any ability to keep from drowning in a whirlpool of insurance confusion and control by corporate medicine.

And, if that’s not stupid what is?

Submitted by Sandy

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