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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Klein's Loch Ness Monster Raises It's Ugly Head 

The most secretive government in the history of Alberta has suddenly had its hidden strategy for undermining Health Care exposed.

Only those who still believe the world is flat should be surprised to see the emergence of a corporate outfit called AON Consulting as the gang hired to tell the Klein government what it wants its corporate backers to hear. When the tobacco industry wanted to keep selling a product that may well have destroyed the health of more people than any other single addiction, they hired “researchers” to “prove” that smoking is a harmless habit.Not until countless people died of lung cancer, suffered with heart/lung disease or burned themselves up in bed did governments face reality and start controlling the sale of a harmful drug.

Turns out, however, that AON, the outfit chosen to tell Klein’s corporate backers how innocent and harmless private insurance is, is just one more cold corporation that is being charged with using highly questionable methods for serving themselves rather than those who need medical services. Klein says Albertans don’t care if AON’s a crooked outfit. Does he mean we wouldn’t care if there’ were a cellar full of rats eating away at the supplies in our basements or a pack of gophers and moles threatening the very foundations of our homes?

Of course we care, don’t we,? Especially when there’s a leak from the inner sanctum of Klein’s holy of holies where the true believers gather to plot strategy for the takeover of Medicare by US type insurers.

Yup, folks we’ve seen the head of Klein’s privatization monster and she ain’t pretty.

Submitted by Sandy

This was sent in from a concerned Ralph's World reader.

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