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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Friday, November 18, 2005

Naughty Songs Upset Premier 

Here's a news item to make Albertan's proud of our Premier. It was just reported on CJAD radio in Montreal, just as Mr. Klein is heading East next week to promote our Province. Click here to read all about it but here's the nub of it.

Remember the “Official Alberta Song” contest? Turns out 335 songs were submitted for our 100th birthday celebrations. The winner was Mary Kieftenbeld and you can listen to her song by clicking here.

Nice song – nice event. Good for you Mr. Klein.

Now one of the contestants, Richard Clark, would like to see the rest of the songs. He just wants to see what his fellow Albertan songwriters wrote. After all, he's one of them.

Oops. Big problemo for Tory government. Turns out some of the submissions were satirical. What a shocking thing to do during our 100th birthday party. The buzz around the Tory caucus was that many of the songs may have been “communist inspired”.

What’s a poor government to do? After initially denying any request to see the entries they finally relented after a freedom of information act request was filed. But just to discourage busybodies like Richard they decided to charge $918 to check out the tunes. Richard presumedly declined unless he is a much richer songwriter than any I know.

Well we’re used to this small-time, petty, hick, paranoiac government stupidity here in Alberta. It's part of what binds us together in this fair Province. But our Premier is heading East where he is going to try and sell Alberta to a large part of Canada. Like it or not citizens, he represents all Albertans to the rest of the country. It is hard to imagine anyone down there taking him or Alberta very seriously when he runs this Province like Mississippi was run in the 1930’s.

Our Premier will return and still won't understand why no one else in the country understands us. Guess you have to live here a while to understand.

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