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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Preparation HealthCare 

Today spin doctors at the Alberta Public Affairs Bureau moved quickly to ease Albertan’s fears about Third Way Health Care initiatives being proposed by the Klein government.

The move came after the Alberta Liberal Opposition obtained secret government documents outlining an agenda to violate the Canada Health Act and allow doctors to practise in both the public and private system. The documents also called for a high powered campaign to sell the idea to Albertan’s that they need to pay more out of their own pocket for health care. See related stories here and here.

Bureau spokesperson Grace Perogee confirmed that in light of the documents leaked today, that the marketing campaign scheduled for launch in February would be begin immediately. “It’s has been in the can for about a year and a half now and we have just been waiting for the right political climate to inflict it on the public” she said. “Looks like that time is now” she added.

With that Ms. Perogee unveiled the new theme for the campaign entitled “Preparation HealthCare”.

“We have already stockpiled three million boxes of “Alberta Advantage” suppositories. One box will be sent out with each $400 prosperity dividend cheque. The special formulation, designed by the crack medical staff (no pun intended) at Alberta Health, should bring quick relief to our citizens from any anxieties caused by the introduction of private health insurance."

She went on to say that initial clinical trials show the suppositories to also be effective in providing relief from other government-inflicted privatization initiatives such as out-of-control electricity, natural gas, and auto insurance prices.

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