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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kevin Trudeau Appointed Alberta Minister of Health 

Responding to criticism that last night's infomercial on the future of Alberta in the 21st century was fluff-filled, an animated Alberta Premier Ralph Klein today announced the first substantive step of his highly-publicized "Third Way" health care initiative – the replacement of beleaguered Health Minister Iris Evans with health guru Kevin Trudeau.

The Premier elaborated.

"Colleen gave me this book at Christmas called Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want you to Know About. It’s by this guy Kevin Trudeau and get this - it’s 571 pages long and it’s got a cure for just about everything in it, including cancer. Anyway, it got me thinking that if everyone in the Province read this book and followed Kevin’s tips we would pretty much cure everyone that was sick and prevent everyone else from getting sick. Hey, we could pretty well eliminate our health care budget.

So I got Kevin on the horn and stuck a deal with him. He’s going to provide every Albertan one of his books for the low low price of only $18.95 US (shipping and handling extra) and in exchange for the cheap price I’m going to make him Health Minister. That what you call a “win-win”, “thinking-outside-the-box”, “Made in Alberta” solution.” "

The initiative will cost Albertans taxpayers $65.5 CDN million (shipping and handling extra).

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Premier Klein addresses Albertans through the magic of infomercial.

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