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John Slow
January 1, 2007

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Online "Third Way" Consultation Process Enhanced 

Dateline March 3, 2006 - RW NewsWire - Edmonton

Stung by opposition criticism that one month was not enough time for Albertans to provide input to the new Third Way" health initiatives, Premier Klein has ordered Health Minister Iris Evans to implement major enhancements to Alberta Health's Online Public Consultation System.

"The system has to provide instant feedback to those Albertan that take the time to help me build a better and brighter health care system" the Premier said. "We only have a month to get this done so we need to get on with it."

We are pleased to announce that Ralph's World Political Polling Systems, a division of Ralph's World International, has been awarded this important contract.

The picture at left shows Health Minister Evans walking the Premeir through a prototype of the new system.

We are asking all Albertans to try out the new prototype using the following link.

"Third Way" On-line Consultation System

Please provide any feedback you may have to Ralph's World Political Polling Systems, Health Minister Iris Evans, or Premier Ralph Klein.

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