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Should we get another blog underway? Let me know your thoughts by e-mailing me at johnnyslow@gmail.com.

John Slow
January 1, 2007

Sunday, October 31, 2004


(Here is a try at pulling out some essential messages from the presentation of Dr. Michael Wynne on his experience of health care reform, in Australia and other countries, at the Petroleum Club October 28/04). You can also visit Dr. Wynne's website called Corporate Health Care

(1) The strongest and most compelling motivation in corporate, for profit, health and elder care is the drive to pay as high a dividend as possible to the investors and directors. Unquestioning, almost cult-like, obedience to market ideology is impervious to medical reality.

(2) The compelling motivation in a publicly owned health and elder care system is, or should be, that of providing quality diagnostic and treatment services in response to every citizen's need without discrimination on the basis of income or social status. Moral values, like responsibility, integrity and concern for others characterize public health and elder care.

(3) Once professionals, whether physicians or support staff, enter into contracts with corporate health care managers medical necessitates no longer guide decisions about the kind of treatment to be provided or the length of time required for institutional stays. Professionals are assessed on their contribution to the finances of the corporation rather than on their medical competence.

(4) In a publicly owned and operated health and elder care system; decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment are, or should be, made by those most competent to know what is required for the adequate restoration of health or need for longer term care respecting the dignity of life, even as death becomes inevitable.

(5) Corporate, for profit, health systems are vulnerable to fraud and frequently collapse leaving a trail of trouble behind them. Dr. Wynne spent a significant part of the presentation documenting the corporate attitudes, abuses and unprofessional practices already seen mainly in the U.S.

(6) In a publicly owned system the physical equipment and buildings are the property of the people, via the government. [My comment: even if the government lets publicly financed buildings deteriorate and equipment become obsolete, as is now happening in Alberta, at least the people will not have to pay for buying back what should never have been given away or sold cheaply to private operators in the first place when corporations fail]

(7) If I've interpreted him correctly, what authority does Dr. Michael Wynne have for making these assessments? Well just a professional life time of service in the medical profession including years in South Africa, the United States and now in Australia at the University of Queensland.

This writer would welcome, and even cherish, further blogs that add to this report on Dr. Wynne's message to Alberta, correct any impressions, or add further information.

Sincerely: Blair McPherson

Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Alberta Media at Election Time 


Here's an interesting article about the Alberta Election in The Globe & Mail

Here we have a conservative paper with an article about Alberta government corruption and misuse of government funds. It also points out some websites that are critical of the Alberta Tory government. They missed Ralph's World but perhaps that is because we are "fair and balanced". Click on the article to have at look at these websites. They represent other voices apart from our Alberta newspapers and other media outlets.

Which bring me to my point. How willing are Alberta media to go after the real scandals of the Klein government? The stories that involve companies and people getting very very rich because taxpayer dollars are directed their way through extremely favorable government policies combined with lack of government policing for abuses. The Alberta Oil Sands Royalty Regime and the unbelievable sloppiness of the Department of Energy in administering it was pointed out quietly by Auditor General Fred Dunn in his 2003-2004 report. Mr. Dunn, unlike the federal Auditor General Shelia Fraser, does not feel the necessity to go to the media with his findings. The Alberta media, it would also appear, does not feel the necessity to ask further questions of Mr. Dunn. This could be a scandal involving billions making Federal government scandals puny in comparison and there is not a peep in the Alberta media.

Why might this be?

Here are my thoughts. The media in this country, apart from the CBC, are all commercial enterprises. They exist to make a profit for their owners. They make money by running ads. Some newspapers make a little revenue from subscription fees but revenue from this is small in comparison. Ad revenues are the lifeblood. The ads are placed by governments and by companies both big and small. One of the cardinal rules of marketing is do not be critical of your customers or they likely won't place ads with you. A self-evident truth I think. So the media is not motivated financially to be critical of the government, the political party running the government, or of companies. Herein lays the problem.

Those of you who disagree will point out that the media is often critical of the government, of Premier Klein, of the Tory party, and often of companies. I would agree up to a point. They have to provide news or they will lose their listeners and readers and the number of listeners and readers is critical to keeping the ad revenues coming in. Also, many individual reporters and editors do have a genuine desire to get at the truth and report it. It's just that I think their bosses, the media owners, the issuer of their paycheques, often have a bigger interest in profits. Let’s face it, the boss calls the shots.

The consequences of this are we get criticism to a point from the Alberta media but not enough to cut off their ad revenues. This leaves the real reporting to come from the CBC and media outlets outside of Alberta who have no financial interest in Alberta. Papers like the Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star come to mind although the Globe & Mail is owned by Bell Globemedia which also owns CTV which operates stations in Alberta.

Perhaps one of the Alberta Media outlets would like to respond to this criticism. They can e-mail me at johnnyslow@gmail.com. I will be happy to post what they have to say.

But what I would really like to see is a good old-fashion investigative reporting story. I've given you one idea from the Auditor General's Report. There are many more there if our Alberta media has the nerve to go after them.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Top Ten Reason's to Vote for Ralph's Team 

It’s really important to have a desk-thumping PC backbencher who will support every government proposal without question and heap derision on all opposition proposals –- no matter how sensible they may be.

Clearly, Ralph has a secret plan to fix health care and may even share it with us after he has secured a new mandate. Smart of him to attend an oil convention rather than waste his time with a bunch of First Ministers who might steal some of his great ideas.

The PCs really saved taxpayers a bundle by refusing to fund the arbitration report they had so cleverly ordered to settle teacher’s contracts. To top it off, it was school boards who had to fire 400 teachers to pay for the arbitration award. Smart thinking, eh?

Choice is so much better than that old fashioned regulated system. Now we can pay separately for transmission charges, delivery charges, service charges, billing charges and administration charges, along with RRO Shortfall charges, Deferral Riders and all that neat stuff. Instead of providing a modest return to just one company, we can ensure untold wealth for a whole bunch of companies.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that oilsands railway from Nisku to Fort McMurray? Of course, we can’t expect the impoverished oil industry to pay for all of it. Wouldn’t $300 million in ‘seed money’ be a much better use of taxpayer dollars than fixing roads and sidewalks or frittering it away on education, health care, homelessness or AISH grants.

Unlike the Feds who can be quite mean to our US cousins, Alberta’s PCs can be counted on to bail out those Yankee meat packers.

Under PC guidance, Alberta has achieved the status of being Canada’s only debt-free province – Just like it was before the PCs came to power. Some carpers say the PCs have only eliminated the debt that they, themselves, created. None-the-less, it is no mean feat considering the millions squandered on unsuccessful attempts to revive dying enterprises and the billions spent trying to make electrical deregulation work.

Not just liquor stores, utilities and health care; think of the possibilities. If they privatize fire departments, we could all have choice and decide which fire company we wanted to deal with. If we had a fire we would just call that company and hear this recorded message: ”For fire emergency, please press 1. Thank you, please hold, your fire is very important to us.”

If we had nothing but PC MLAs, think of the savings. No more time wasted on question period, week-long legislative sessions, no more embarrassing scandals from opposition muck raking.

Open to any proposal that will benefit big business. Honest about wanting to change health care in ways that might be viewed as “un-Canadian” and might “violate the interpretation of the Canada Health Act.”

Kinda makes ya proud to be an Albertan, eh?

Submitted by Noel Somerville

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ralph:Dumb Albertan's won't understand! Check it out. 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
October 27.2004
Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Dear Minister:

Your thrust for total privatization plan has been rejected by the Alberta Medical Association as being out-dated and out of touch!

If your plans, such as they are, are carried out, Albertan’s have to know their Alberta Health Care coverage as they know it is gone! Out the Window!
Is this why you allowed Seniors premium free coverage at the last moment? How can companies expect to provide coverage when the concept of Alberta Health Care Insurance becomes obsolete immediately after you are elected?

John Clark

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Premier Klein enters 28 day caring phase 

Edmonton, Alberta - From the Propaganda Public Affairs Bureau

"Now that the writ has been dropped The Premier will enter a 28 day caring phase" says Gordiana Turtle-Dove, spokesperson for the Alberta Government's Public Affairs Bureau. "Last month he listened, this month he cares, then it's winter nap time until Queen Whatshername shows up next May. Here you see The Premier caring about some 3-D thing the Alberta Research Council is working on."

"From now until the election we plan to have The Premier care about something everyday - non-stop caring you might say. He is a very, how to put it, - caring person. " Ms. Turtle-Dove added.

Wednesday October 27th The Premier will be in Tofield consoling nine year old James Finch who lost his goldfish in a tragic toilet flushing accident. Photo-Op at 11:30 at the Finch farm followed by free lunch and beer for reporters at the Tofield Tavern at noon.

Previous article on The Premier's listening phase available here.


(From, “Alberta Politics Uncovered” NeWest Press 2004)
Published here, with the permission of the author, for the purpose of encouraging others to buy and read the whole book to learn, and discuss, the context from which these quotes are taken.

Quote # 2
p.11 In Alberta, western alienation is not just spontaneous grievance. It’s something that more than three million people have to be convinced every day that they feel.

p. 12 It [western alienation] is used now to further the power of the provincial government, and to further the political agendas of ideologically driven political activists who can in no way be described as ‘the grassroots.’

p. 109 “Alberta voters are often told they supply most of the equalization money for the ‘have-not provinces.’ The total equalization payments for fiscal year 2004-05 was set at $9.7 billion.

Provincial politicians and others claimed that Alberta was providing $9 billion.

The only way to arrive at that calculation was to ignore the fact the equalization payments come out of federal revenues supplied by taxpayers - not provincial governments but individual taxpayers.

Alberta residents provide about one-ninth of the country’s tax money. They pay federal taxes at the same rate as everyone else.

Their share of the equalization bill is just over $1 billion.

Two more reasons to purchase and read the whole book and find these quotes in context.

Monday, October 25, 2004

No protection offered on transmission charges!! 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2Y7
September 5, 2004

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

The Honorable Minister Patricia L. Nelson,
224 Legislature Building 10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Honorable Murray Smith, Minister of Energy,
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Ministers:

With so much debt coming on line from Government invented and controlled corporations for power generation and transmission your stance of coming out of debt is a fiasco to say the least.

Your recent comment on having a budget of some 358 millions of dollars to cover power increases raises more questions and anxiety than the cost plus projects you are entering into!

It is difficult to accept you at your word as given because you imply a lot more than what you detail then, deny. Power prices generally drop as more power is brought onto the grid. Your “protection” in turn changed or turned off at your whim. This we have lived through too many times! Now the door is open for you to say the out going ministers had it all wrong and “adjustments” will have to be made.

However, with our politically debilitated power grid about to suck 14 billions of dollars out of Albertans (include Wind subsidy) I ask you is it your intention to protect Albertans from increases in power transmission that appear on our utility bills?

Seniors and other people on fixed incomes will in no way imaginable be able to afford the utility prices coming at them under your jurisdiction!

A $358 millions of dollars sounds like a lot of money but it is 1/10th the amount needed to protect Albertans!

Your creditability is at low ebb, straight and definitive answers please!

John Clark

Heeeere we go! 

Premier Klein has called the provincial election for November 22, 2004. In honour of the Premier the creative staff here at Ralph's World has redesigned our banner to better capture that fire in the belly spirit the Premier is famous for. "Vote for Me - I'm the Proudest" pretty much captures that special Tory feeling.

Another weblog you might want to check out is Martha and Henry. These mystical citizens of Alberta will be posing a number of pointed questions for the Klein government. This weblog will allow everyone to add their two cents worth to the political fray.

Enjoy the next twenty eight days.

Minister asked to come clean on power costs! 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2Y7
October 25, 2004.

Murray Smith, Minister of Energy,
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Minister:
I have a letter from you which states Albertan’s will pay no more than 2.00 per month as an increase for power transmission because of your power line construction and implementation.

Also cost projections on the original AESO submission to the EUB have been augmented with projected costs of natural gas used in generation. These figures are extreme by comparison to today’s prices but, nowhere in the submission does it extrapolate into the cost ramifications this will have on generation!

I consider the prices presented in the area of 3 billion dollars total for generation up grades and new power lines a far stretch from the original projections. Also the Auditor General has cited your government for chronic under estimation on projects. Deliberately low-balled to get the projects under construction and left open, unchallenged for massive increases without challenge!

This is clearly a method of operation, not any kind of oversight. Being such we have to question the EUB figures even though they allow a 30% differential, unchallenged.

I am addressing the S.A.L.T. group (Seniors Alliance and Liaison) Tuesday the 26th. I would like very much to get creditable information as to the future cost of power and transmission and the timeline you see for it.

I have on several occasions asked the simple question “does the 358 million budgeted for power protection for Albertan’s apply to the transmission of power also?” The question is important because the price of electricity usually drops when new power is brought on. Only competition with the Oil Sands for power and Power Export to other jurisdictions could make us pay more and provide windfall profits for the power companies similar to the oil companies.

By return as soon as possible please so we can get decent information to our pensioners!.

John Clark

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ralph's bogus promise on electrical subsidy 

John Clark
14815-123 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2Y7
September 22, 2004
Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

The Honorable Minister Patricia L. Nelson,
224 Legislature Building 10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Third request
Dear Minister:-
You have indicated you have budgeted some 358 millions of dollars to subsidize Alberta Consumers on their “Power” charges.

Because “power” and “transmission of power” is charged separately, will you please confirm you have no intention at all of subsidizing Albertans in the cost of power transmission which is expected to jump some 300% or more!

I will post your reply when I receive it as I have done in the past.

John Clark

Saturday, October 23, 2004


From “Alberta Politics Uncovered” NeWest Press 2004)

Quote # 1
“Alienation begins at home. It means alienation from politics inside Alberta as much as it means alienation from politics in Ottawa. The poverty of Alberta politics will continue as long as people in Alberta keep shutting their eyes to that truth.”

p. 106 “Alberta has reached a political dead end. The fiscal obsession has gone up in smoke. (Earlier uses analogy: ashes are what's left after a mortgage paper is burned).......... Provincial elections have become lopsided displays of power by the governing party. Frustration has been increasingly replaced by apathy.

Alberta has been bamboozled by money and politics. A new Alberta could be built around people instead.....”

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Occupation of Alberta by Ralph Klein 

This is their history! Make them accountable at the poles!

Honorable Ralph Klein,
August 26, 2003
Room 307 Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Re:- The occupation of Alberta by Ralph Klein.

Dear Premier:

The compelling information you have regarding climate change is near catastrophic and puts Alberta onthe course of a climate very similar to Southern Iraq or Turkey more probably on the short term rather than the long. Extremes in weather and unpredictable weather are parts of the scenario. Ongoing drought and forest fires are going to be the norm rather than the exception. Forest fires and unprecedented pestilence are but symptoms of the climate change rapidly coming upon us.

Lakes will become mud holes and rivers will dry up. (Prince George area has massive beetle infestation because the temperatures haven’t dropped to the -40 that is required to kill them off. All in the last 5 years!)

The extending drought has already caused the earth to move away from house foundations around Alberta causing them to crack. I would think any one who has built in the last 6 years has recourse on the Government because of a lack of proper building standards to account for these known changes.

When your Environment department confirmed the above they also said studies were being made on how to use the unusable (un-potable) rivers of water from the Viking aquifer.

Considering the oil companies have been accessing this "bad" water for year’s further studies would only be for the purpose of stalling for time. Oil companies site only the added expense, by comparison to surface water, as being the only real draw back!

I recall people in Parkland County complaining their water wells went dry after seismic went through their region. They speculated the seismic had damaged the upper water aquifer. Your response was less than caring. Knowing what you know about the weather change and dwindling water resource it is irresponsible for you to allow oil companies to use any drinkable water for injection into the wells for oil recovery!

Your water plan amounts to a charge on Alberta residences for the water taken by oil companies and pumped down hole. When do the oil companies start paying for the damages they have done and the water they have already ruined or wasted?

Is seems to be your plan to stall full public disclosure of information on climate change until the oil is gone, the drinking water is gone and the oil companies have moved on?
Why are the Oil companies not made to pay for the water used and, the water they have already used? They are largely responsible for the havoc and contamination sludge in the lakes caused by the drafting of water by trucks.

An optimistic view of conventional oil and gas supplies runs at 15 years until we are dry. Other views run as low as 6 years. By then you hope to have the methane tapped from coal reserves always draining fresh water supplies. As usual it is the average family in Alberta financing the oil companies and now the power companies!

You have sold off all the cheap and accessible oil and gas leaving Albertans to pay premium prices for this same source while looking forward to even higher costs for British Columbia and Mackenzie Delta gas.

Having already ravaged the water tables you are planning a horrific operation on methane recovery from coal seams. Soon enough; no gas, no oil and no water, living in a desert; Oil companies gone leaving their damages behind them or in shell "management" companies.
I have also received a note from the Minister in charge of power transmission who gave me some hand outs telling me "ALBERTAN’S HAVE ALWAYS PAID FOR THE TRANMISSION OF THEIR POWER."

Albertans have never had to pay for exporting electricity! There is no plan where individual rate payers will receive a direct refund on the power lines you are asking them to pay for when these same power lines are used to export electricity to the US!

Again it is the individuals of Alberta financing the power companies. Returns to so called General Revenues are not acceptable. Direct and full refunds to power bills and on going profit sharing on power bills is only just acceptable.

The oil and gas is all but gone. All sold out from under us leaving no advantages at all. You are looking for gas supply now in British Columbia, the Fort St. John area (down some 7000 feet) and twisting arms tying to get the finance in place to move gas from the Mackenzie Delta.

You have moved Albertan’s from access to inexpensive self sustained gas to the highest utility in Canada with promises of going still higher.

I don’t by your BS on NAFTA stopping energy rebates. NAFTA concerns its self with industries. A rebate program would be seen as a "district" issue and not of interest to them.

I also don’t agree with your multi billion dollar fund set aside to get you elected again although you may consider that an emergency. But then again I don’t agree with your creeping taxation on drink containers and access fees which goes directly to lunch boxes and families, hitting every person in this province to get millions in funds to put into your "surplus."

Wreck the water supplies, plunder the gas and oil utility. Sell off the citizen owned electrical power at pennies on the dollar; exploit the people further by making them pay the highest rates in Canada for the use of the utility you gave away.

Further, tax them to finance the building of the power lines for the same people who took over the utilities for nothing in the first place.

Your policy has long been Oil or nothing. We end up with nothing. Kill any industry that may lean upon the oil companies, use police to entrap or coerce to this end regardless of the toll on families and health. The oil is gone and we have nothing.

As I write this letter every province in Canada is exporting up scale manufactured items ranging from pharmaceuticals to hardware to packaging. Your mega government is thinking "maybe microbiology as an industry" The world has moved on but this province is still mired and dying in your private sunshine.

I wrote you regarding the gas burning studies which are in place showing the toxic nature of regular gas and sour gas give off high levels of ferons and bi phenols as well as a long list of noxious gases because of improper burns. I gave you the doctor’s name that did one of the more recent studies asking when you were going to release this information to the public. You sent it forward to Environment and, they have never answered.

It is good to see your on going support of insurance companies is coming back to haunt you, big time. Millions spent in developing hail controls, all turned over to the insurance companies to administer. They invested their accident "reserves" into stock and dot coms which crashed. This, according to conversation with the insurance bureau early 02. If we have to bankroll their business investment losses as least all insurance should be a tax deductible! The harsh and unreasonable premiums have every thing to do with investment and little or nothing to do with driving records! I have been told that conversations regarding turning photo radar clips over to the insurance companies as a means to increase their revenues has enjoyed more time than it should.
You continue to drag this province into oblivion.

John Clark
Cc;/various.net. pdf

Oil stocks up 200% Albertan's down 300%! 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
August 25, 2004

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307 Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Honorable Murray Smith, MLA
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Re:- Listening to Albertans spending desires dependent on your limited and tailored list!

First, you create a number of problems in Power, Health, water and infrastructures in general. Then, you create "independent bodies". Companies, Authorities AESCO types etc. all under the direct control of one minister or another and call them private.

Finally, you use these inventions as shells in which you can fully privatize every utility and aspect of Albertan’s lives and blame any fall out onto these same bodies which are under your direct control!


I think you are familiar with the adage "Play ball with me and I’ll shove the bat up your __ _ ".

Your stated policy through practice and your only guide to success is the stock market dividends!

With oil profits for companies exceeding 13 billions this year and your own projections of $60.00 per barrel you still give our oil resource rate away at the lowest royalty rates in the World, tax free.

You speak of fairness in comparison of states. The production costs remain static while the market prices sky rocket. These huge profits are taken by the oil companies and hundreds of billions of Alberta resource generated dollars go into the stock market while you say we have no money and for ridiculous and empty choices upon Albertans.

The royalties could be increased a minimum of 15% there by tripling the amount of revenue Albertans receive for their resource. I think this is preferable than allowing our resource revenue being bled away through a stock buddy system.

You cut Physio Therapy from health care turning it over to the Regional Health Authorities, They in turn put in tough checks on who or who does not get the benefit. Since that time many Regional Health Authorities have cut physio from their coverage.

Calgary announces it will cut completely on October 1st this year. The point being it is not some obscure authority cutting health care coverage and giving away the resource money which should cover it, it remains the Klein Conservatives who are doing this!

Albertans must be brought to realize the kinder gentler Conservatives they introduced into Alberta politics is gone and dead! In this place is a party they no longer recognize who have
hijacked the Conservative name and have utterly and totally wrecked the infrastructure of this
province and are on a path to continue gutting it.

Choices in spending be dammed! We want to see choices in royalties and collection of revenues.

John Clark

Alberta's Electrical noted in Ontario - Bad Stuff! 

This is where Klein has taken Albertan's already. Election is coming; get some one at the helm who will look after the citizen rather than the old boy's clubs.

Ontario Electricity Coalition Says Electricity Legislation Will Create An Energy Crisis
TORONTO – The Ontario Electricity Coalition (OEC) says that the government’s new electricity legislation will lead to a new energy crisis in the province.

“People are worried about an oil crisis on the horizon, but wait until they see what happens with electricity,” says Paul Kahnert, an OEC spokesperson. “NAFTA forces us to compete for our oil and gas; now we will be in the same boat when it comes to electricity.

“The Ontario Liberals are privatizing electricity by stealth while pretending they are still committed to a public system,” says Kahnert. “Once competition is introduced, electricity rates are going to soar because private power is far more expensive.”

The Liberal government is expected to pass Bill 100, The Electricity Restructuring Act by the end of November. “Under this legislation, public generating stations will be replaced, over time, by private ones,” says Kahnert. “In less than 20 years the system will be privatized.

“Once we privatize and integrate our system with the American system, we can kiss goodbye to any control,” says Kahnert.

“NAFTA forces us to compete against Americans for the gas in our cars and the heat in our homes; just imagine bidding against them to keep the lights on,” says John Wilson, former Hydro board member and electricity consultant.

“McGuinty is legislating to put electricity under NAFTA. This will drive our rates to U.S. levels and devastate farms, business, tourism, and industry and the hospitals and schools that depend on a strong economy.”
The Ontario Electricity Coalition is a broad-based coalition made up of seniors, environmental groups, private citizens, the Council of Canadians, labour organizations, and social justice groups

Thursday, October 21, 2004

If you want your fines for photo radar back, phone or email! 

, AB T5L 2Y7
October 21, 2004.
John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave.,

Office of the Solicitor General
Honourable Heather Forsyth, Solicitor General
Phone: (780) 415 9406
Fax: (780) 415 9566

Photo Radar in the Province Illegal according to Minister.

Dear Minister:-

We have determined the photo radar in the province is illegal by your own definition. You have no training criteria in place and have shut down the Devon Radar (which I have mixed feelings about) because the operator was not trained to a non-existent standard that is your responsibility to provide.

This would by necessity have to apply to the whole province.

I take it you will pass requests for refunds to the proper channel; or perhaps you would like to re think your position on the legality of Devon’s radar and face the electorate honestly for a change? You may find it refreshing.

John Clark

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Minister defends Windfall oil profits and lowest royalities in the world! 

The lowest royalities in the world are just not good enough! Let them know at the vote!

Office of the Minister
Responsible for Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
August 19, 2004
07776-06 PIC ODD
John Clark
14815 - 123 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5L 2Y7

Dear Mr. Clark:
I have received your letter dated July 18, 2004, and follow-up message through Alberta Connects dated July 22, 2004, regarding oil royalties and production in Alberta.

Alberta's royalty regimes (including oil sands, conventional light and heavy oil, and natural gas) are designed to maximize the benefits of the resource for all Albertans, while reflecting the realities of producing the resource. However, it is important to note that royalty systems vary widely according to the nature of the resource and other considerations such as taxation exemptions, state ownership, and so forth. For example, jurisdictions with offshore resources such as Norway and Alaska face a fundamentally different set of cost and production conditions from onshore jurisdictions such as Alberta. In other words, the average Alaskan oil well that produces 600-700 barrels per day (bpd) will operate under a very different royalty regime compared to the average Alberta oil well that produces less than 30 bpd.

Due to these variations, straight-across comparisons of royalty rates, such as you attempt in your letter, are not very helpful. Instead, many factors must be carefully considered when comparing different royalty regimes. In 2001, a study conducted by Van Meurs & Associates concluded that Alberta's royalty system ranks in the toughest third of over 300 systems examined worldwide. If you wish to purchase a copy of that study, you can reach them through their Web- site at: http:,/,/wv-x;-.vanmeurs.org. For a more local perspective, on my department's Web site, you can find a copy of Oil and Gas Fiscal Regimes of the lYlestern Canadian Provinces and Territories at http://www.energy.gov.ab.ca/com/
Alberta's oil sands are a resource of incredible magnitude. The 174 billion barrels of Alberta's estimated oil sands reserves is exceeded only by Saudi Arabia's national reserves. However, the magnitude of capital investment required to develop this resource is also immense. Our oil sands royalty regime has been very successful in attracting the necessary investment required. As of July 2004, the department of Economic Development reports there are 69 major oil sands, oil and natural gas projects in Alberta, valued at $2 million or greater, that are planned, underway, or have recently been completed with a total value worth nearly $62 billion.

404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 2B6
Telephone 780/427-3740,
Fax 780/422-0195

However, oil sands production also involves some of the most capital-intensive projects in the world, requiring hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars of capital investment before a single barrel of oil or bitumen is extracted. As I indicated in my July 6, 2004, letter, these unique circumstances led us to introduce a generic royalty regime for oil sands, based on recommendations from a joint industry /government national task force. As a result, the revenue-less-cost calculation was introduced to formulate oil sands royalties.

The previously-provided information regarding the number of companies in pre- and post-payout status as well as the payments received in the 2003 production year is as specific as possible. The Department of Energy cannot divulge company-specific information on royalty payments for the current fiscal year. Such information is kept confidential (as are personal and corporate income tax information). Province-wide projections for royalty revenues based on forecast production and price of oil and natural gas is publicly available in the annual Budget and is updated quarterly. The First QuarLer Update will be issued within the month and will be available, along with all budget documents on-line at: w-ww.finance.gov.ab.ca.

The information provided electronically to you by my department on July 22, 2004, clearly shows that Albertans are receiving considerable benefits now (over $7.8 billion in royalties and rights fees in 2003/04), benefits that will be even more substantial in the years and decades to come. After all, as you have pointed out, it is part of our responsibility to plan for the long-term benefit of this province.

With regard to your questions on electricity generation and exports, as I have previously indicated, Alberta' Independent System Operator (ISO) is responsible for the operation and planning of Alberta's power system, including interconnections with British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Information regarding generators operating in that market and prices is available through the ISO's Web site at: http://www.aeso.ca/. Alberta does not have a dedicated `export grid'. Alberta producers can export power into other markets at times when Alberta customers do not need that power.

Yours truly,

Murray Smith, MLA

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Answer our questions, Mr. Klein, and stop asking questions in silly surveys! 

Martha's Monthly

October 2004

Britney's Gum

Did you hear about the $25,000 piece of gum from Britney Spears
Well Martha did and she couldn’t believe it. So she went on Ebay and there she found some British guy who came to New York, saw Britney Spears and waited to get an autograph. She dissed him and spat her gum from the window of the limo. He photographed her doing this, picked the gum up, kept it for two years and then decided to put it on Ebay and people went nuts. The price shot to $10 000 and then $25,000. I will remind the gentle reader this is a piece of USED gum. And it auctioned for $25,000. Turns out the highest bidder backed out and the seller is back on Ebay trying to sell the thing again. Last Martha checked it had gone as high as $12 bucks. She almost bid on it just so she could win the piece of gum that had sold for $25,000. Sometimes when people become famous we get so silly we are willing to pay immense amounts of cash to just own some part of them. Fame seems to have that strange effect on the non-famous

Power seems to be the opposite. While fame infects those who don’t have it, Power seems to cause those who hold it to lose their brains and be willing to say or do almost anything. Such is the case as we listen to Premier Ralph Klein and his Cabinet. Lethbridge West MLA and Human Resources and Employment Minister Clint Dunford told a group of constituents at the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs in September that they were “rude and obnoxious”. Can we imagine a politician, facing an election with a few months, saying that in any other region of Canada? But 33 years of Conservative government in Alberta has given the governing members a strange sense of power. It has gone to their heads. They seem to behave as though public discourse is an annoying part of their days. Mr. Dunford suggested that government members were reluctant to speak to the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs because they would be asked difficult questions and called to explain their government’s policies. What an annoyance! In any other time that fundamental role would be provided by a hearty opposition, an independent media, and a public that values political discussion. But in Alberta with a worn-out Opposition and Government Public Relations Bureau that employs 266 people, well we just don’t hear much discourse at all.

So Martha wasn’t so much surprised as she was amused with the Finance Department Survey that came to her mailbox in September. With 10 questions clearly written to elicit a certain response, Martha laughed out loud. What do they think of we Marthas and Henrys? They seem to think so little of us that they ask us questions like “How much of a priority is a quality, affordable health-care system?” Kevin Taft, leader of the Liberal Party , Alberta’s Official Opposition Party, called the survey a “façade”. Well surely we can see through this facade can we not? Martha’s not so sure.

Klein has stated that a 10% return rate will be considered good. So for starters we have a mandate based on 10% of those asked. Martha sees a few problems with the survey as well: First off, Martha noted one survey went to each household. Now last time Martha and her Henry got talking politics, well lets just say we adults that co-habitate don’t always agree! Secondly, Martha noted that there are probably a whole lot of people who won’t get to complete the survey. There are those who are illiterate and those people living in shelters, among others. Thirdly, Martha noticed that there was no real background information on the topics. Statements like “quality, affordable health care” were not defined. But there was a lot of detail about the money that is available. Now Mr. Klein denies that he has an agenda and states it is up to the “bosses” referring to us, to make the decision. Kevin Taft called this a “breakdown of leadership”. Martha agrees with Dr. Taft. Because quite frankly, when she is told that the surplus this year amounts to $3000 per person she gets a little silly. She looks around the dinner table and counts 4 people. She does the math and the number $12,000 looms. And she gets silly. Martha starts to think about paying down some personal debt and maybe taking a little vacation with the kids. She gets sillier. She toys with the idea of surfing back on to Ebay and placing a little bid on that gum of Britney’s. Because, here is the ugly truth, we are only human. And when faced with the big decision of should we each get a couple grand or should we put money towards infrastructure and social programs we think about our VISA bill and mortgage. So here is the first lesson of politics. We elect politicians to make decisions for us that are in the best interests of the people and that respect the needs of the minority. We don’t, contrary to Conservative party belief, call referendums on decisions about infrastructure and long term financial planning. We don’t let the majority, who are not on welfare, make a decision to reduce welfare. We don’t ask people to use a scale of one to ten to tell us how important their health care is to them. We don’t dangle a carrot in front of struggling families and ask if they want to have it or not. We ask our governments to be leaders and to look at the needs of the people and make decisions that reflect our fundamental beliefs in respect and dignity for all people. We ask that they not think about the next five minutes and the people around them. We ask that they think about years down the road and the grandchildren of those they’ll never meet.

Minister Dunford announced a AISH review at the end of September. Yes, another survey! This time they want our opinion on AISH rates. Hmmm, muses Martha, didn't we just do that last month on Martha's Monthly? Well, yes we did! So fill out another survey or two. Tell the government why you think people with disabilities need more than $855 a month to have some dignity and quality of life. (http://www3.gov.ab.ca/hre/aishreview/

But, Martha gently reminds, surveys are not enough. We need to let our elected politicians know that they are well, elected! And we are the electorate. So as we await a November election that must be arranged around the Grey Cup let's keep up the pressure from the Marthas. Please read the following letter to Mr. Klein about leadership and surveys and email it on to him. Forward this email to people you know and encourage them to join the Marthas.

To send this email letter to Mr. Klein please copy the letter below into a new email. Address it to premier@gov.ab.ca and CC it to edmonton.riverview@assembly.ab.ca and edmonton.highlands@assembly.ab.ca and back to us at marthasmonthly@yahoo.ca

Premier Klein
Alberta Legislature

October 8, 2004

Dear Mr. Klein

I am deeply concerned about the Finance Survey of September and the AISH review survey of October. I am concerned that your government is relying on these unscientific ways of polling some people in order to make decisions that are critically important to our future. Where is the vision of this government?

You have suggested we will have an election on November 29, 2004. I want to know what policies you will run on. Will you commit to implementing the Low Income Review report that called for increased welfare rates? Will you commit to increasing the AISH rates so that disabled Albertans can live with dignity and not have to use food banks to survive? Will you commit to a vision of Alberta that includes all Albertans and not just those who have the ability to complete surveys

Mr. Klein I want my government to show leadership and think beyond the next five minutes (or the next election). My vote will not be bought with surpluses. My vote will be earned by the provision of leadership, vision, and a compassion for all those who make up Alberta.

Please commit to a plan that includes increasing the minimum wage, increasing AISH and welfare rates, re-establishing the widows' pension, and introducing a new compassion for all Albertans. And please encourage your colleagues to accept criticism, not just survey results. Because the Marthas and Henrys of Alberta are not always happy and we have the right to ask questions, not just answer ones that your government asks us


Friday, October 15, 2004

Solicitor General's on the mark- Up to us on vote day! 

John Clark
14815 - 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5L 2Y7
August 20, 2004

Murray Smith, Minister of Energy,
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Minister:

I thank you for your detailed reply of August 19, 2004 to my August 18th letter. I will post it as soon as it is converted to an electronic format.

I have never questioned the imagination of your Government! Quite the contrary! And, I accept the numbers you have detailed. The point of our difference lies in your comment “Albertans are receiving considerable benefits now (over $7.8 billion dollars in royalties and rights fees).

The point being, your Government’s view and practice that “considerable” is acceptable, enough to keep the electorate quite, rather than “optimal” as should be the case.

As a citizen I see this year’s oil company profits moving easily beyond 10 billions of dollars of which no taxes are paid! When I view the crush of utility prices coming at us, with no relief offered by your Government, I call the plan in total, obscene!

You have again directed me to the (ISO) Alberta’ Independent System Operator for planning and operation of our Electrical System. The Energy act puts you, the Minister in charge of appointments to the ISO board of directors. I won’t say “fox in the hen house” but I do believe you directly have control over this “independent” company. This tinsel separation allows the Government, as you have just done, to throw their aprons over their faces and say “No! Not us!’.

With this protection you find it not necessary to inform Albertan’s of the impending disaster in utility bills they are facing. And, the ISO was not in place when your Government allowed the total deterioration of the power grid in Alberta often through legislative meddling to enhance your agenda in selling the resource for pennies on the dollar into power purchase options!

It remains firmly your choice as to whether you will protect Albertans from the costs as this total screw up in electrical power unfolds! The decision to do so or not lies in political will, not the rules.

Let’s see a little show of faith here! Honesty works! I am still interested in a reply to the question How did Mr. Lougheed know the cost plus projects included 11% profits? It was not public information and appears to be another case of insider information.

Yours truly,

John Clark.
It is important to recognise the Minister can get all the answers from the AESO. If the whole thing wasn't so whacked out of shape, I'm sure that is what he would do!
John Clark

Tragic Mistake at Alberta Health Ministry 

Wrong Person severed in mistaken identity mixup

Edmonton, Alberta - RW Newswire - Alberta Government spokesperson Gordianana Turtle- Dove confirmed today that due to a mixup by a low level government clerk, Health Consultant Kelly Charlebois had his annual contract with the Alberta Health Ministry mistakenly terminated. In fact it was Health Minister Gary Mar that was supposed to be terminated.

The red-faced clerk, a Dr. S. West, was later tracked down at a local McDonald's near the legislature building where he had taken a discrete booth hidden behind the ketchup and mustard dispensing table. When question how the mixup had occurred, Dr. West said:

"The Premier told me to make that mess over at Health go away. I said there were a whole lot of messes over at Health; which one in particular was he referring to. "The Gary's Buddy mess" the Premier replied. I asked him what he wanted be to do about it but he was already into his afternoon nap and he's really bearish if you wake him during his nap time. I had to assume he meant to get rid of Gary's Buddy, not Gary himself."

Asked if any action would be taken to correct the mistake Ms. Turtle-Dove replied "No. It is more important to appear decisive than it is to correct mistakes. The decision to terminate Kelly Charlebois and keep Mr. Mar stands". She pointed to energy deregulation and the more recent auto insurance disaster as further examples of the governments "stay the course" approach to public policy.

See related articles at:

Mar Appointed Ambassador to Denmark
Gary Mar explains Charlebois contracts

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ralph's Blackout in the works! 

John Clark
14815-123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
September 14, 2004..

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Honorable Murray Smith, MLA
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Ministers:

In July I asked if you had a critical line analysis for the events on your electrical power project. I have received nothing which leaves me to assume again, there is no plan; just spin it as it goes.

I have been asked by an apartment building complex if they should buy a generator as a hedge against the frequent power shortages expected in the future. My advice to them “If you can afford a generator, buy it and get it installed.”

The press in North America is full of warnings about the inadequate power supply on both sides of the border. It is really too bad you chose to destabilize the Alberta power generation though legislation in order to privatize it!

Your AESO organization makes it clear that new generation will have to be on line by 2006 or, we will be sitting in the cold and dark. All evidence points to there being no electricity to buy at that point and God only knows what the prices will be!

At some point the new but late Keephills generating capacity will come on line and the 240 KV Genese-Keephills Edmonton line will have to be shut down for a week to 2 weeks probably in order for new shunts and breakers to be installed for the higher voltage.

Where is the electricity going to come from to make up for the total loss of this major generation center? I have asked you in the past if AESO had contracts to supply in place and with whom. No response again leaves me to deduce there is nothing.

Two weeks in the cold and dark for Albertans?

I think decent and finite answers are needed so we can at least find our own way out of this mess you have caused!

John Clark

Lean on me, when your not strong....can I? - Bill Smithy 

I seems that Edmonton's perma-cheerleader, Mayor Bill Smithy, needs a friend to lean on...or lend him a hand. In the past few weeks, Smithy's campaign has called in the big dog tories from Kleingary to help his faultering campign from sinking any deeper into the abyss of electoral defeat. Some of these big dogs include certified Kleinites Alan Hallman and Lanny Westersund. It sure says something when an Edmonton Mayor has to call in Calgarians to save his campaign...

Mayor Bill Smith

On top of this, it was revealed today in the Edmonton Journal that Smithy's campaign has sent out letters to appeal to the Edmonton PC Association Presidents and at least one Tory MLA. No letters of appeal were sent to Liberal or ND Associations.

So Bill wants the support of the PC's, the same PC's who stole a provincial seat away from Edmonton and gave three to Kleingary, the same PC's who audited Edmonton Public Schools as a threat to shut up, the same PC's who fired a huge amount of Edmonton teacher's two years ago. Keep this momentum going Bill....

Klein stalls EUB Hearing to avoid discussing power transmission prices! 

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave..,
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
October 1, 2004.

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Murray Smith, Minister of Energy,
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Premier:

I have been advised by the AESO that hearings on the Edmonton-Calgary power line construction which should have been completed now have been delayed until after the election. This delay is due to the Alberta Energy Department wanting to make a submission at this late date. A good stalling tactic!

Although there are 13 submissions before the EUB, the most favored is number XIII which comes in at 6.7 billion dollars plus or minus 30% for error; plus profits pegged at 11% by Mr. Lougheed; a total of some 13 billions of dollars!

This will mean over 20 years a power increase to Alberta residences will face power transmission increases on their bills which could easily run $300.00 per month. On three occasions I have asked if the Minister of Finance figure of 358 millions in power subsidy was going to be applied to power transmission. A simple question, which you refuse to answer. This can only mean Albertan’s will carry the full brunt of the building of power lines while power exporters get a free ride.

I note your spin doctors away and running trying to negate the much needed increase in oil royalty rates to sustain this province in the future. Your position to protect the lowest royalty rates in the world at any expense to Albertans is so noted!

I have also asked you by what stretch of imagination can you accept the price of a 2 billion dollar railroad to McMurray when the price of a twined power line to Calgary, a similar distance is costing 13 billion.

Your up coming adventure in spending multi millions of dollars to explain your position to Albertans prior to an election can only be another tax payer supported propaganda exercise which I resent. You are not capable of giving a straight answer to the simplest of questions.

I see a quagmire of misdirection and deceit emanating from your organization.

Dig deep and see if you can find direct answers to outstanding questions.

John Clark

Links to Governmen't stall applicaton:
Perhaps help from Condoleezza Rice?

(Link is long; you may have to move it to document to get it into one long line!)



Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Albertan's to compete with Oilsands for Power1 

John Clark
14815-123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
September 2, 3004.

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Honorable Murray Smith, MLA
404 Legislature Building,
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6


Your news release in the Edmonton Journal of to-days’ date on the power line from Fort McMurray to Edmonton is but a microcosm of what you have planned for us. It shows capabilities of 600 MW. It is my understanding the present condition of the Edmonton connection cannot handle 600 MW more power until upgrades are in place, several years down the road and there is no certainty on just how this will be accomplished. It can however serve as an example.

When Alberta was short of power and the blackouts and brownouts were last happening the Oil Sands Generation was directed to ENRON California and Albertan’s needs were not even considered! My letter to you at that time described it as profiteering on a non existent emergency. It turns out I was exactly correct! What kind of a supply guarantee does this give us? Certainly there is no moral operative here!

Considering the history of export comes before Alberta supply, why are you asking Albertans to pay for this small, 77 million dollar line? Where exactly will they see it on their power bills? You have a provincial equalization plan in place to make sure Albertans all pay the same for transmission allowing exporters a free ride on the same lines.

Are the lines presently moving 600 MW of power? Who is the supplier?
How will Albertans pay for this segment of the power grid? And, how much per month will these lines cost us?

These are straight forward questions that should not press your integrity. Honest answers please?

Yours truly,

John Clark

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Gary Mar explains Charlebois contracts 

Today Alberta Health Minister Gary Mar, in an effort to dispel the perception that his good friend Kelly Charlebois had produced no "work product" for the $484,000 in fees he received from the ministry, invited reporters and Auditor General Fred Dunn to his office to prove that the Klein government always receives "value for money".

The Auditor General had questioned the value of the "oral advice" which Mr. Charlebois gave Minister Mar at a cost of nearly half a million dollars to the Alberta taxpayer.

Pointing to the colourful array of Post-it Notes covering most visible surfaces of his office, the Minister explained . . .

"Whenever Kelly said something, I wrote it down on a Post-It Note so I wouldn't forget it. What you see here before you is four years of Public Health policy in the making." Mr. Mar went on to say "There are over 500 Post-it Notes. That works out to well under $1000 for each thing Kelly said. I just don't think Albertans will question the value of that."

In spite of his explanation, Mr. Mar is still expected to accept his appointment as ambassador to Denmark which Premier Klein has urged upon him. Click here to see related story.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Mar Appointed Ambassador to Denmark 

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein today announced the appointment of Health Minister Gary Mar as ambassador to Denmark.

In an elaborate ceremony at government house, Mr Mar, shown here in the traditional dress of the Danish caribou people said "I'm tremendously excited with the opportunity of furthering the interests of Albertans in Denmark". Mr Mar will be replaced as Minister of Health by Dr. Lyle Oberg. Dr Oberg will be assisted in his new portfolio by Finance Minister Pat Nelson seen here in background. Ms. Nelson, who will not be running in the next election, will be on a special $150,000/year contract to the health ministry where she will offer advice about anything to Dr. Oberg should he ever asks her about anything.

Asked if the appointment had anything to do with the almost half million dollars that the Health Ministry had contracted with Mr. Mar's good friend Kelly Charlebois - contracts to give the minister "valuable advice", Klein replied "No. This has been in the works for some time now." See articles by clicking here, here and here.

Mr. Mar and his entourage will be leaving for Denmark tomorrow by boat from Vancouver making stops along the way in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and France; arriving in Denmark December 2005. Mr. Mar has declined a salary for his new position saying he wants to give back to province that has provided him with so many opportunities. He will be paid only expenses and travel time of $100/hour - starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cardinal at it again! 

From: Allan Dane
To: mcardinal@assembly.ab.ca ; premier@gov.ab.ca
Cc: prime minister ; Janine Bandcroft ; Kevin Taft ; Brian Mason ;
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 7:54 AM
Subject: [MH] Grizzly Bear Population In S.W. Alberta is in Serious Trouble

Mr. Cardinal and Premier Klein:

As a continuing member of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society I am very alarmed that no action has been taken to add more protection for this species.

The following references are given for this state of affairs:



Mr. Cardinal, as Minister of Sustainable Development, you appointed a Grizzly Bear Recoverment Team and that Team, in the winter of 2003-2004, recommended that grizzly bears be declared a threatened species. Why has this not been done??? Does it require an action from the Federal Government to lift you off your glutamus maximus and get you moving???

Premier Klein, when the Crown appoints a committee to make a recommendation there usually is some fiduciary consideration involved so, when such a committee submits a recommendation, it is the duty of the Government to act on that report.

Premier Klein there are several ways that Mr. Cardinal could reasonably respond to a report from a committee he had, himself, appointed:

(1) Mr. Cardinal could have asked for clarification of important points. If such were the case, Mr. Cardinal should have informed the Members of the Legislative Assembly concerning his actions and indicated when he expected to have sufficient clarifying information.

(2) Mr. Cardinal could have asked for more information. Again. if such were the case, Mr. Cardinal should have informed the Members of the Legislative Assembly concerning his actions and indicating when he expected to have the additional information.

(3) Mr. Cardinal might not have agreed with the report of the committee. In this case it would have been his duty to submit the report to the Members of the Legislative Assembly with his own report as to why he disagreed with the report of the committee he had appointed and tender his resignation to the Lieutenant-Governor.

If Mr. Cardinal has made any decisions regarding the report which he requested, such a decision should have appeared in an order paper and sent to you, Premier Klein. It would then be your duty to send copies of the order paper to all of the other members of the Legislative Assembly and to the press gallery.

If Mr. Cardinal has not made a report to you on this matter you should request the Lieutenant-Governor to dismiss him. If, however, Mr. Cardinal made a report to you the "ball is in your court" and you should resign.

I would appreciate an email reply with an email copy to
Janine Bandcroft at eternity@islandnet.com.

K. Allan Dane
11234 - 71 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 0A6
email adane@ecn.ab.ca

Monday, October 04, 2004

ALBERTA POLITICS UNCOVERED (Taking back our Province) 

Mark Lisac’s new book is like the voice of that famous little boy who sees the truth no one else will put into words and shouts “Look the emperor has no clothes.”

For the thousands, perhaps even millions, of Alberta citizens who already know that “Ralph’s world” is built on a foundation of illusions and deceptions, this is like a breath of clean western air blowing away the fog and smoke the government’s PR machine creates to keep what’s really going on hidden from public view.

Really, it’s worth far more than the money and time that it will take to read it!

Yours: Blair McPherson

Saturday, October 02, 2004

SALT position paper on healthcare released  

The Seniors Action and Liaison Team has just released a position paper entitled HEALTHCARE- The Myth of Unsustainability and the Premier's Privatization Agenda.

This short paper is to the point and very worthwhile reading.

The paper concludes with the statement:

Sounds like good advice to me.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Premier Klein enters listening mode 

Edmonton, Alberta - From the Propaganda Public Affairs Bureau

"With an election in the wings it's time for The Premier to listen to Albertans again" says Gordiana Turtle-Dove, spokesperson for the Alberta Government's Public Affairs Bureau. "We will again be trotting out the "He listens. He cares" tagline we used in the last election so we thought The Premier should listen to Albertans for at least a month. After the writ is dropped he will have a month to show the care part where the bribes voting incentives will be presented . Mr. Klein feels that two months of listening and caring in four years should be good enough to keep the Marthas and Henry voting PC. As The Premier likes to say, they're a pretty contented herd."

When asked what form his listening would take, Ms. Turtle-Dove said it is being accomplished through the It's Your Future Survey which is available online and was also delivered to selected upscale homes in the Province. Staff at the Public Affairs Bureau will then summarize the results into 300 characters or less for The Premier's consumption.

"The listening part is easy. It's putting together the voting incentives that takes work. But we are fortunate to have a quality staff of 226 people who have been working on this for the last several months and they have finished their work ahead of schedule. We're ready to roll them out as soon as The Premier gives the word."

When asked if the survey results would be used to determine what the voting incentives would be Ms. Turtle-Dove replied "No, The Premier doesn't like to work that way. He already knows what Martha and Henry want. The listening part is really just to make the citizens feel they are contributing something; you know; - it's about making them feel important"

Further details available by contacting Ms. Gordiana Turtle-Dove at the Public Affairs Bureau.

For a review of the "It's Your Future" Survey, see what the Edmonton Social Planning Council has to say by clicking here.

For an eye-opener about what the Public Affairs Bureau costs the Alberta tax payer click here

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