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January 1, 2007

Monday, November 29, 2004

Klein to Practice Etiquette on Bush before Queen's Visit 

Premier Klein's new chief of staff Rod Love today announced that Premier Klein will dine with US President George W. Bush in what is billed as an "etiquette tune-up" in preparation for the Queen's visit this Spring. Love admitted that the Premier was not quite "regal-ready" after he publicly compared himself to Jesus Christ following the last election.

Most experts believe that the Divine Right of Kings is a tradition of the British monarchy and is typically not granted to Premiers of Canadian provinces.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


The bold headline on the front page of the Edmonton Sun reads: BORN AGAIN RALPH, Jesus was crucified and he came back, premier says ..."You're going to see a resurrection." (Thursday, November 25, 2004).

While it is encouraging to see that Premier Klein is interested in spiritual things, I trust that he understands that the Christian born again experience involves not only faith in Jesus Christ, but also confession of sin and repentance for the remission of sins. To be born again means to receive salvation and be saved through receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. It is a personal relationship. The Bible teaches, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name." (John 1:12)

Premier Klein tells us that we are going to see a resurrection. However, according to the Sun article ("Ralph vows to rise again," Nov.25) , it is clear to even the uneducated reader that Premier Klein is not putting his faith in Jesus Christ, but in a fellow by the name of Rod Love. Premier Klein's faith is clearly misplaced.

I hope that Premier Klein will continue to read and study that New Testament of his, and continue to seek the Lord's face. I will keep on praying for Premier Klein. Perhaps the Lord will have mercy upon his soul and bring him out of darkness and into the Light. For the New Testament, that Premier Klein talks about, says that "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." (Romans 10:9-10)

When Premier Klein does his Bible studies, I trust that he won't neglect the Old Testament. For holy scripture teaches us, "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." (Proverbs 29:2)

We Christians can testify to the grace and mercy of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ, and know that He is in the miracle working business. I know that Christians everywhere will continue to remember Premier Klein in their prayers.

Trudy Newman, Edmonton

The above was recently received at Ralph's World Headquarters.

Friday, November 26, 2004

'RALPH VOWS TO RISE AGAIN" Sun headline Nov.25/04 

Profanity is ugly, but it only serves to reveal the lack of class and boorishness in the mind of the one who uses it to smear what many people think deserves respect.

Blasphemy is taking what many people consider sacred and treating it in a way that it shows contempt for the beliefs and practices of a whole segment of society who respect and seek to learn from a higher power than the most powerful human on earth.

No words our Premier has ever spoken demonstrate the verbal extremes to which he will go in his attempt to portray himself as the one and only true savior of the people of Alberta.

Listen as the Sun reports his speech: “Well you know what? Christ was crucified and he was resurrected, according to the New Testament, and you’re going to see a resurrection.”

I’m sorry Ralph but I can’t laugh. Even if some Liberal hothead was foolish enough to boast about crucifying you, your response is pure godless blasphemy.

The Christ you appear to know nothing about wasn’t crucified because he was humbled by having his image of perfection shattered and his rude arrogance revealed to the public.

The man Jesus was crucified because he spoke out against those self appointed elite went around boasting about how rich and successful they were while widows died from neglect and children starved from lack of food.

He was killed because he publicly shamed the pretenders who paraded through the market never doing anything to help others unless they were publicly noticed and praised. If they’d had photo-ops in those days their pictures would have been in the papers every day performing for some charity.

No Ralph, you’ve got it all wrong, the Divine Being did not send you to Alberta to burden the elderly, the children, the sick and the working poor so you could save the rich and powerful from some trumped up enemy called called a “the deficit”.

And Ralph, being crucified doesn’t mean just losing a bit of face because your image has shattered a bit. Profanity I can sometimes laugh at, if it’s clever and not crude. But blasphemy isn’t funny.

I write as a citizen who cares deeply about democracy and is disgusted by crude politics.

Blair McPherson

Thursday, November 25, 2004

No arrogance showing here! 

John Clark
November 25, 2004.
` cyberclark@shaw.ca

As Ralph said immediately after the election, “We cannot appear to be arrogant”.

The Edmonton Sun reports today that Ralph likens himself to Jesus Christ! No slack in this boy’s pants! In doing so the Sun reports, Ralph is saying if Jesus could rise again, so can I.

Perhaps we will see the aura around his head and shoulders in coming news casts? Obviously the conservatives have let him out of his cage again.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Journal playing straight man for Ralph's show! 

John Clark
Wednesday November 25-04

The Edmonton Journal, true to form, is heralding in Ralph’s dented victory as a success for the Right. The very partisan Journal would have us believe the privatization schemes are all the fault of the voters, not electing some of Ralph’s city buddies!

Because we terfed out a few Tories the terrible right wing rural vote will rule the legislature! So says the Edmonton Journal. This is two days after they ran the add in careers for a senior corporate lawyer for capital health.

Personally, I think the Journal is Ralph’s way of announcing he is about to embark on his dismantling of the province and It’s very tattered social system. Dig in folks, talking to inside Tories I am told the Conservative’s are going to plough us under in such a way all will be lost forever and, they really don’t think they will survive another election.

I think a program is needed and Ralph’s world can play a part for all stripes of politic.

Send myself or Ralph’s world an email telling which candidate promised what and we will run the score board on line! These guys had to be lying through their teeth to get elected. Let’s hold them to it!.

What promises were made and by which conservative candidate?
What questions were asked, and received no clear answer?

Let’s keep tab on line!

John Clarkcyberclark@shaw.ca

Monday, November 22, 2004

Lyrics to "Ralph's World" Song 

We had lots of requests for the lyrics for the Ralph's World song. You might want to sing them on the way to vote today.

"Ralph's World"
Words and Music by: MC Puff Wheat & Upright Grand Master "J"

Copyright 2004 John Doe Productions

More people falling through the cracks
And the cracks are getting wider
Young mother living on KD
The cheques aren't enough to tide her
How much value does he place
On the dignity of the average welfare case?
You know this. He's shown you.
Throwing small change at a homeless man in a shelter in the middle of the night.
He was living in Ralph's World.

You privatised our heat
You privatised our light
You privatised our telephones
At least you got the liquor stores right
Mr. Klein, listen up
I've got a question for you
Once you've privatised everything, what's left for you to do?
YOU' LL be living in Ralph's World

Welcome to Alberta
Life's easy if you know the trick
You'd better not get older
And you'd better not get sick
You're living in Ralph's World

Intaxication: The momentary euphoria that comes over you upon recieving your rebate cheque. Easily cured by the realization that it was your money to begin with.

Henry's waitin' on an MRI
Martha needs a hip
Ralph's just looking to privatize
Profit's more his trip
Choking children with purse strings
Putting education last
Selling off our future
Paying off their past

Welcome to Alberta
Life's easy if you know the trick
You'd better not get older
And you'd better not get sick
You're living in Ralph's World

Capital Health gets ready for private health care! 

Capital Health Region advertizes for SENIOR CORPORATE LAWYER, duites unspecified. (Standard operating procedure would say the candidate is already picked!)

Are all health care regions doing the same?

Add run in Saturday's Journal.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Klein Appoints New Finance Minister 

Calgary - November 19, 2004 - RW Newswire:

With two days left before the election, a confident Premier Klein announced that General Augusto Pinochet would replace the out-going Pat Nelson as Alberta's new Finance Minister. "We need some toughness in this portfolio, and Augie's about as tough as they get. I can tell you one thing, those AISH characters won't be messing with this guy" the Premier ventured.

Pinochet, a long time hero of the Premier, has appeared in several of his writings; the most recent being a term paper for Athabasca University.

When it was pointed out that a Minister of the Crown were supposed to be an elected MLA, Klein challanged our reporter. "Get real. Do you really think that a person of General Pinochet's stature would go through a real election? After November 22nd I'm just going to point him at one of the liberal seats; that's IF they win any seats; and tell him to go take it. I really hope it's Taft's. Taft may mouth off to me in the legislature but I can tell you he won't be mouthing off to The General when he comes a calling. He has very "special treatment" for lefties if you know what I mean.

Liberal Leader Kevin Taft was unavailable for comment.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Klein protects US Packers Expense of Alberta Jobs 

Farmers and ranchers will be now know where they are in Ralph's pecking order! To these same people across this province I say to you "It will be no different for you when it becomes your turn!"

Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Tag: 0411021512; Edition: FinalSection: NewsLength: 79 linesPage: 1BY FIONA ISAACSON, HERALD-TRIBUNE STAFF

Dateline: BEAVERLODGE NDP and Liberal Grande Prairie-Wapiti candidates say that the Ralph Klein government is only interested in doing business with "big businesses," which forced Peace Country Tender Beef Co-op to abandon its planned slaughterhouse in Beaverlodge and move to B.C.

At an all-candidates forum in the Beaverlodge Community Centre on Monday, NDP candidate Jerry Macdonald said the Klein government is not in favour of the kinds of investment that "you make with the sweat of your brow when you get out there and work."They don't seem to have respect for hard work and hardworking people. All they have respect for is dollars," he said.

Asked by an audience member in the 50-plus crowd with some party supporters how a such a decision could be made, Graydon explained that he and several MLAs met with PCTB back in May. "I know they left disappointed, there's no question about it," he said, because MLAs Peace Country Tender Beef Co-op officials claimed they pulled the proposed $4.5-million slaughterhouse out of Beaverlodge and placed it across the border in Dawson Creek after understanding Graydon's Conservative government would do everything in its power to prevent the co-op from being built.The government had bitterly opposed the co-op's desire to test every cow it slaughtered for mad cow disease over fears it may force all companies to test.

However, the loss of the co-op cost the small community of 2,200 60 full-time jobs, a state-of-the-art multimillion-dollar facility and millions in potential economic spinoffs. weren't in the position to give loan guarantees. He also explained that a request made to get a letter of support from every MLA in the province for the business to set up in Beaverlodge was "just outside of the realm of an MLA" to do."

If someone was proposing a project in Whitecourt and there was one (the same project) going in Grande Prairie I sure wouldn't give a letter of support for the one in Whitecourt," Graydon said. He said the government did try to help PCTB with its business plan which was "one of (their) biggest deficiencies, if you will."Graydon added, "We were prepared to help but it went off the rails and nothing happened."

Liberal candidate Cibylla Rakestraw said the government's decision to look into a $300-million rail link to Fort McMurray suggests that it is only interested in helping big businesses. "What about small local initiatives like Peace Country Tender Beef which (was) going to be a tremendous success?" she asked.

Macdonald supported the charge, saying that the government is only interested in subsidizing large corporations. But as a result, beef farmers and cow-calf operators are suffering, through no fault of their own he said.Having the co-op opening up in Beaverlodge would have helped, Macdonald said."I think it was incumbent upon the government to set its ideology aside and try to help Alberta beef ranchers.... I think that's shameful for this MLA to stand here and say he couldn't do anything about it."

After the debate Macdonald predicted Graydon would lose votes in the area because of the issue. However, Graydon said afterwards that his office hasn't received "(many) phone calls to the office. That wasn't a major issue."Other issues such as twinning of Highway 43 to British Columbia and renovating the Beaverlodge hospital were raised. Graydon said it was his understanding that Beaverlodge was next on the list for renovations for Peace Country Health and that his big push was to get the highway twinned.

Nine-year Beaverlodge resident John Hermans said he came to the debate undecided and left the same way."That's the way I like to go in... because you might miss something the other party might have that you want. So right now it's just neutral."The fact that Ralph Klein and the Conservatives are predicted to win a fourth straight majority isn't affecting how he will vote, but he will be voting, Hermans said.

Green Party candidate Allan Webber and Alberta Alliance candidate Jordan Hinman did not attend.© Copyright 2004, Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune (Authorized) Unauthorized reproduction or Web posting prohibited.

Ralph's World Has a Song 

Some enterprising musicians MC Puff Wheat and Upright Grand Master "J" have produced a new ditty entitled - you guessed it - Ralph's World. You can head to their site and see what else these diabolical Albertans are up to or go right to the tunes.

I have this strange image in my mind of Martha and Henry dancing to this stuff.

Klein Suspends Rookie Tory MLA From Caucus 

Calgary - November 19, 2004 - RW Newswire:

Warning! Political satire. Do not call the police.

Alberta Premeir Ralph Klein took radical action today in an attempt to reign in one of his most outspoken MLAs. In a move viewed by many as an attempt to regain control of his increasingly raucus caucus, Klein suspended rookie Tory MLA Drew Hutton. His sin? Thinking maybe he should attend one of the all-candidate forums in his Edmonton-Glenora riding.

Hutton earned his reputation for outspokeness three years ago when responding to a reporter's question about what he thought of his new boss. "I really like Mr. Klein, I think he is wonderful" was his response at the time. The newly-elected MLA did not realize that the official Tory response to this question was supposed to be "I just simply adore Mr. Klein. He is just so mavericky it makes me all tingly inside".

In an exclusive interview with the Ralph's World editorial board a tired looking Klein said. "I told them all a million times that no one was to attend these forums. No exceptions. And I lead by example. I haven't been to one of those stupid things in decades" Asked if he did not think expulsion from the caucus was too severe a penalty given that Mr. Hutton did not actually attend a forum Klein replied "No. It wouldn't be fair to the other PC candidates. None of them attend forums and I didn't want Drew thinking he's above everyone else"

In a telephone interview a despondent Hutton said "I really do love Mr. Klein and I really do get all tingly inside just thinking about him. I just thought we were supposed attend these things. I'm really still learning what it is to be a true Tory"

Thursday, November 18, 2004

BSE-Klein danced and 100 jobs went to BC! 

BSE Update!!

Grande Prairie Tribune reports this AM the Tender Meat’s Co-Op is giving up on Alberta because of Klein’s lack of support and has moved their operation and 100 Alberta jobs to Dawson Creek BC because the Liberal Government has offered them the support Klein denied them!

Alberta Farmers must be aware of these sell out situations! All is not great in Ralph's World and the devil you know??

Stephen Lindop
Alberta Green Party.


Another 4.5 Billion in royality gone! 

Just announced!!

Suncore to build Firebag in McMurray, tax free, 1% royalty after a no charge at all, 5 years!

350,000 barrels of new output by 2006, still at 1%

That is 1.225 millions of dollars a day; 8.575 millions of dollars a week;another 4.5 billions of dollars per year leaving this province into the pockets of Suncore with zero into the pockets of Albertans!

Ralph will tell you he can’t discuss it because it is before the courts. Slicker than oil!

The ‘Journal also predicts a win for Ralph because we are just too dam dumb and uninformed to vote other than these bandits!

If you vote Conservative, know that you are responsible for giving away the resource at the lowest prices in the world, bar none and, you have said all is okay for the 30% cost of living increase you will have to live with, with no help, over the next several years.

And, we do not have any money for any project other than privitzation expences!

John Clark


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Down to the wire - where are you? 

Here we are in the final week and the media is singing Ralph’s praises. The Sun has noticed it is not necessary for Conservative Candidates to show up at debates because good old Ralph and his folksy manner convince the corporate elite that Ralph’s World is a shiny, bright place.

The Sun also notices it is not necessary for Ralph to lay out any plans because he is a good old boy and any one who questions him is a fear monger or alarmist to be discredited by the whisk of his hand. We have all seen it before but, this election will be one of the most important in our life times.

Ralph has guaranteed the public at large, on television that he will change this province so that no one from any party will be able to alter the course. What he has done in this unguarded moment is tell us all he will privatize every last resource or facility in this province! With the American’s enjoying a 2 for 1 dollar value at this point in time, many of Ralph’s friends are US Corporations.

Ralph has made it very clear he will tax you and your families into oblivion before he puts a reasonable royalty into effect for our resources. Your personal dispensable income will shrink by 20% to 30% over the next few years. Your corporations facing the same debt will not be able to make this up, if they can survive in Ralph’s World.

Please, listen to other parties; they are good people, supported by industry experts and, they see the great danger in a course set by Ralph. This is not fear mongering; they are putting their lives on the line for you! There will be no return from Ralph’s folly!

Please vote and, when you vote this time you have a chance of protecting your children’s heritage. If you don’t vote or, vote for Ralph’s team, every dream you ever had about Alberta is down the tube!

John Clark
Drop a blank email to me if you want to be on the election mail just prior to the vote.

BSE Prolem could have been fixed! 

Wed, 17 Nov 2004
Subject: BSE and the Conservative complicity in the grief.

Good day John, Thank you for taking an interest in the Green Party's position regarding the farm crisis in Alberta. Many family farms operations are near collapse!

The best solution would be for small slaughterhouses to process animals and test each one for BSE. This would open the doors of Europe, Japan and Asia to our beef.

Peace County Tender Meats had negotiated contracts with interests in Japan to supply them with Alberta beef. They were going to test each animal for BSE and absorb the testing cost themselves. Imagine our dismay when the federal government refused to grade the beef even if it was tested for BSE making it impossible to export! When Peace County Tender Meats asked the province for help they got the cold shoulder, the Klein Government refused to fight for them and in my opinion abandoned rural Alberta.

The Green Party believes that the best solution is to stand behind our beef producers. They know their business and how to get out of this mess. The Green Party fully supports Alberta farmers in developing this solution. It would create new opportunities in rural Alberta, develop our industry into an international value added market and these small plants could be built throughout the province thus adding to the building of a local and sustainable economy.

I appreciate your offer to share this information. I believe that if all Albertans were made aware of this betrayal of rural Alberta by the Klein government a lot of votes would change. If you need any more information on this issue or on any other part of the Green Party platform please do not hesitate to ask.
Sincerely,Stephen Lindop
Green Party CandidateLeduc Beaumont Devon

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Liberal Sweep of Rural Alberta Predicted 

Now that I have your attention, please read on.

This piece in yesterday's Edmonton Journal says that rural voters would rather vote for the devil they know than the one you don't. Perhaps. But most rural voters are just very practical. They firmly believe that it is better to elect a candidate of the winning party who will be able to bring benefits to their local riding. And they are probably right.

But rural voters have to ask themselves a few questions this time around.

  1. Has my Tory candidate brought more local money from the government into my constituency in the way of new schools, teachers, roads, recreational facilities etc. than we have collectively spent in increased car insurance, electricity charges, natural gas charges. Charges brought on mostly by Tory government policy. Additional charges for these three items alone easily add up on average to $200 a month per family. That's $9600 dollars over a four year government mandate. With about 10,000 families per riding, that's $96M dollars. Can you identify in your riding alone the $96M in increased government spending over the last four years? If you can, by all means vote Tory. If you can't, then think about it.

  2. BSE has hurt rural Alberta. The Tory government spent $400M or so of taxpayer dollars to try and help the producers. That money flowed into the pockets of American owned packing plants. Now it flowed through the producers so it helped them keep their head above water but as Albertans, we saw nothing for our tax dollars in the way of reduced beef prices at the retail level. The question rural Albertans might want to ask is this. Do they think that a Liberal provincial government led by Kevin Taft, who happens to be an economist and understands markets, might have used that $400M a little differently? The Liberals seem to have a comprehensive thought out plan for BSE that will lead to a long term solution rather than a short-term fix.

  3. If you are concerned that by voting liberal you might elect a liberal opposition candidate in a new Tory government, consider this. The Tory government would be so shocked that they would be sending out Ministers, MLAs and government officials in a convoy of armoured trucks with more money than you could imagine in an effort to win you back. You can bet on it.
OK. I'm a liberal and will be voting liberal. I happen to think that Kevin Taft is an intelligent and honest man who has the interest of all Albertans at heart. I also live in the city. But we in the city are victims of Ralph Klein's policies the same as you. Common wisdom says that rural folk vote conservative because their parents and grandparents did. I don't believe that. I think you consider your vote based on the realities of rural life.

The change in government will come when rural Alberta decides it's time. I'm counting on you.

Devon Debate Question 5 - Time constraint 

Ask and discuss at every forum you get to and, try to make them all!

To the Conservative Candidate:-

In the last 6 months there has been 100 odd water allotments on the St. Mary’s aquifer system cancelled; being replaced by 4 corporate identities.

Inter-basin transfer of water is presently being used in Red Deer and Lacombe other basins on what is referred to as limited use.

Canada has laws against the export of bulk water and NAFTA covers all commodities including rain water and snow melt; dug outs and wells. On TV Pat Nelson was going to check with environment regarding a farmer in Peace River being told he didn’t own the water in his dug out and would have to buy it from the province.

The conservatives have surveyed the Peace River as a source of water for southern Alberta and engineered the movement of this same water in the Wetherford project, the work costing over a million dollars, done directly after NAFTA came into effect.

This project is capable of moving over half the flow of the Peace River south!

Is it your plan to turn our bulk water into a commodity so it will fall under NAFTA as does our Electricity and chain us to US prices and put us in the position of serving the US first as does our power agreement?

Devon Debate Question 4-Ask at every debate! 

To all parties.

Alberta presently collects the lowest royalties in the word on the tar sands projects. This, being 1% on gross on the start up; 25% of the net when producing. (Depending on price they could very well be the same figure)

The top 10 oil producers in the tar sands are walking away with over 20 billions of dollars in windfall profits for this year alone!

If the royalties were increased by just 15%, the royalties would still be the lowest in the world
and our funding problems would be gone and the oil stock would remain the top performing stock in the market place! No harm will be done!
Joyce Assen - Liberal - A managed resource to the benefit of All Albertans is our priority. This does not mean we will loose sight of the need for these companies to profit."

George Rogers - PC- Be very careful you do not kill the goose!

Katie Oppen - ND - Even if we took half for the citizens of this province there would still be profits left. Let it be known it is our intention to increment royalities to the price of oil. Example larger royalities for high priced oil, smaller royalties for low priced oil.

Dave Dalke - Alliance - Alberta's resource has to be managed, not given away! If there are contracts in place they must be honored.

Kare Richert - SC - Missed her coment - will post when I get it.

Devon Debate Question 3 - Full response 

Question for All Candidates:

The Provincial “Regulation of the seniors’ Benefit plan” is a 13 page convoluted document while the “Implementation Policy Manual” of this same regulation is 60 pages of convoluted data and escape routes. Government has a lack of policy which obliges them to deal with seniors on a one on one basis, which they do!

It is used more to strip seniors of any advantages Seniors may have accumulated in their life than it is to help them through their senior years.

On June 17, 2003 a news release was put out by the Alberta Government headed up “Long-term care accommodations rate changes to improve services.” A 12.00 per day figure was added to semi private rooms to improve living standards. In the case of Capital Health and Zetter, two prominent centers in Edmonton, the funds were used to offset depreciation, which they already claimed as a loss! There were no improvements to the standard of living.

The Alberta Government confirmed the 12.00 per day was actually a confiscation figure. It was arrived at by assessing how much could be lifted from a low income senior’s pocket while leaving them with 265.00 per month spending money. The answer was 12.00! 'Something for the Government to be proud of.

Matters of dignity: A surviving senior who has a spouse forced into long term care because of Alzheimer or similar will receive less money per month than will a single person! They are often forced into separation or even divorce for survival under Alberta’s application of these regulations.

Repeated requests to be returned to 1994 coverage for seniors has simply been ignored.

This isn’t about universality! The 4% of the senior population with adequate incomes would not argue against paying what they can. The remaining 96% of seniors have very serious issues.

Inequities are great and many!

A seniors advocate office has always been needed, now more than ever. An advocate would have the chance to invoke change, and command investigation not dissimilar to the Auditor General. Whereas an Ombudsman has only the very limited power of investigation on specific singular items.

Will your party support the formation of a seniors advocate office?

George Roberts - PC "I don't know" Was advised Conservatives already rejected it.
Joyce Assen Liberal - "Already a part of our policy; posted on the net"

Dave Dalke-Alliance - "Something is needed for sure"
Katie Oppen - ND "Yes! We support it."
Stephen Lindop - Green "Yes! We support it"
Karen Richert - Social Credit "Yes, We support it"

Devon Debate Question 2.(needs to be asked elsewhere) 

To the Conservative Candidate: (Mr. Rogers)

Subsequent question on power:

Minister Murray Smith has written me saying the highest figure an Alberta home owner would see as increase in their power transmission charges would be 2.00 per house hold starting in 2006.

Will your party guarantee and protect Mr. Smith’s guarantee in the coming years?

There was no comment from Mr. Rogers.

Devon All Candidates Question#1 

Question to All Parties:

The Torries are well underway to a multi billion dollar electrical program of generation and transmission south. In addition to this, there is a Fording/Sherritt plan in the wings (10 millions budgeted for the hearing; 4 billions estimated for generation plant to be built at Brooks Alberta code name Bow City; Associated power lines on top of this.

There has not been one whisper of how we are going to pay for this or who is going to pay for this. General philosophy of “market driven prices will prevail” points Alberta at US escalating costs. US is facing huge power shortages the bid prices for power are going to sky rocket to double or triple what we are paying now! Alberta has seen power prices in the range of 16 cents per kilowatt hour at the wholesale level over the past 2 months! Monthly averages are climbing! I’m very sure no one in this room has seen their power bills go down!

Because the Government separated power generation from power transmission and made transmission costs a shared expense it is necessary to ask if the Torrie Ministers’ announced budget of 358 millions for protection of Alberta from “Power increases” is also going to extend to protection from “Transmission increases”? Is the protection only to the 358 Million or can it be extended beyond?

Because of 1/2 minet constraint on questions this never made it to the mic!
Discussion after forem was one of great alarm!

Monday, November 15, 2004

All party forum a success in Devon! 

Devon All Candidates forum report:
Full turnout of candidates, some outstanding performances, some not so informed. Will post details of responses with the questions tomorrow.

After the forum; a ¾ hour meet by the electorate and candidates. With little exception it was agreed that Ralph destabilized the power in order to privatize it.

Also, he is doing exactly the same thing with health care; destabilize it in order to privatize it. Anything leading up to this is either part of his destabilizing progam (bring in foreign countries for his private health summit; don’t talk to the Doctors and patients from foreign countries who work in the medical field in Canada.

The surprise, last moment query on gay marriage was obviously a planted question in order to swing the conservative vote – lesson learned recently in Ohio.

The questions are hard hitting; will post with responses tomorrow. You should get some ideas for your own political forum!

John Clark

Klein will take beef to D.C. if needed 

Klein will take beef to D.C. if needed

This headline in today's Edmonton Sun reminded me of Lyle Oberg taking the beef to Vietnam last summer. Click here if you forgot. Dr. Lyle and Bessie flew first class as you can see from the picture. Ralph will likely load the steers onto one of our taxpayer funded aircraft. Maybe he'll tell us all about his trip like he did with his golfing trip last year. Remember?


(Much has been said recently about values being what moves people to vote for politicians. Here is a shot at exposing the values of our present Premier’s Party as contrasted with those of a humane democracy)

(1) The strongest and most compelling power driving the so-called Klein Revolution is the same as corporate financial greed and the concentration of power in the control of a few.

(2) The noblest value moving a people toward democracy is the human need to share the world’s resources more equally amongst the people who live and work in a country.

(3) No value driving the present government is higher than the desire to feed the thirst of corporate interests that have no goal beyond exploiting the province’s resources to slake the thirst of industry and commerce.

(4) No value in democracy is higher than that of having an informed and thoughtful population of citizens who use their voice to direct government toward acting as servant of human need rather than controller of information and director of corporate affairs.

(5) This government, like all corporations, sees the value of individual workers entirely in terms of what they contribute to the financial aims of the controllers who meet behind closed board room doors. Those who can’t feed the corporation have no value.

(6) In a true democracy individuals are valued in and for themselves. Even those who cannot contribute to the profit motive of the government, acting as a corporate entity, are entitled to a share of the worlds resources.

(7) The values of corporations are derived from market forces which care not from whom massive profits come nor in what way profits are gained. If money can be made by exploiting peoples’ weaknesses questions are simply not asked.

(8) In a humane democracy the goal of government is to promote human growth and well being in mind as well as body. Exploiting the need of people for medical services or feeding their weaknesses in areas like drug consumption and gambling is an evil to be controlled rather than a good to be advertised and sold for financial gain.

Sincerely: Blair McPherson

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Electricity Deregulation - The Sewer that Keeps on Draining 

Draining our hard-earned cash out of our pockets that is.

There are some new reports out on the failure of electrical deregulation in Alberta. They were reviewed in an Edmonton Journal article yesterday by Gordon Jaremko. There is also an article entitled Electricity Deregulation - A Possible Solution on the Martha and Henry website.

Alberta's electricity deregulation schamozzle has most of the key elements of a Klein government policy.

  1. It takes a relatively smooth running process and hopelessly complicates it in the name of "free markets".

  2. It shifts scarce government resources from regulation activities that benefit the Alberta consumer to coverup and public relations activities that benefit the Klein government. Contrary to what Mr. Klein would have you believe, regulation is not a bad word. It means enforcing the rules, something the Klein government does very selectively. In Alberta for example, AISH recipients are very closely monitored for abusing the system. Oil sand companies? - well, not too much.

  3. It takes a few dollars away from a lot of us and gives a lot of dollars to a few of us. We all pay more on our electricity bills, the owners of the power producing companies get very wealthy. This is called "building vibrant companies" in Ralph speak. I'd vibrate too if I was in on the take.

"The sewer that keeps on draining". That's what the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party motto should be in this election.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Ralph's electricity propaganda exposed! 

Mr. Dane has mapped out Electrical marketing in detail for all to understand. The Conservatives are misrepresenting at every level! This is a excerpt from Mr. Dane’s 5 worthy pages. The full document is available upon request to me or Mr. Dane. Power prices in the range of .16 is on par with third world contries who have had their utilities hi-jacked!


I have retained copies of the Business Section of the Edmonton Journal for several months and will list for you the prices that the Edmonton Journal quoted on specific dates. Unfortunately, I did not record the weather data. The 30-day average and the average price of electric energy are for the previous day.
Electric Energy cents per kWt-hr
Date Canadian Dollar Price of Oil Price of Gas 30-day average average for day
09/05/04 74.19 dn, 0.12 $49.76 dn $1.59 $6.40 dn, $0.15 6.6 3.6
10/06/04 73.60 dn, 0.59 $49.76 $6.30 dn,$0.10 3.7 5.3
29/09/04 78.60 dn, 0.02 $63.28 up $12.25 $5.85 up,$0.57 5.7 7.9!!!!
30/09/04 78.75 up, 0.15 $63.29 $6.23 up,$0.38 5.7 8.7!!!!
01/10/04 79.26 up, 0.51 $66.45 up $3.17 $5.35 dn, $0.88 5.7 7.5!!!!
02/10/04 79.21 dn, 0.05 $62.48 dn,$3.97 $4.60 dn, $0.75 5.6 7.0!!!!
08/10/04 79.28 dn, 0.13 $65.02 up,$0.47 $4,98 dn, $0.37 5.6 4.7
22/10/04 80.46 up, 0.17 $66.30 $7.74 up, $0.21 6.1 16.5!!!!!
23/10/04 81.06 up, 0.60 $66.30 $7.65 dn, $0.09 6.2 7.6!!!!
28/10/04 81.55 dn, 0.02 $63.59 up, $2.22 $7.88 dn, $0.52 6.1 8.5!!!!
05/11/04 82.62 up, 0.11 $58.34 dn, $3.03 $6.50 dn, $0.50 6.3 7.9!!!!
06/11/04 83.50 up, 0.68 $58.95 up, $0.64 $5.95 dn, $0.70 6.3 6.8!!!!
09/11/04 83.79 up, 0.25 $58.19 dn, $0.76 $5.80 up, $1.00 6.4 8.8!!!!
10/11/04 83.31 dn, 0.44 $56.76 dn, $1.43 $6.00 up, $0.20 6.4 4.9

Mr. Hancock, by any standard an average price of electric energy for a day of 16.5 cents per kilowatt-hour is extremely high and an average over 30 days of more than 6.0 cents per kilowatt-hour is also excessive. It is not logical to say that electric energy costs are decreasing when you see these figures and I must conclude that you are rationalizing when you say that the contrary is the case.

Premier in is fond of making ridiculous analogies!

K. Allan Dane, M.Sc. (EE)
11234 - &1 Ave. NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 0A6
Telephone: (780) 434-3351. This is ADSL and has voice-mail.

Ralph's electricity propaganda exposed! 

Mr. Dane has mapped out Electrical marketing in detail for all to understand. The Conservatives are misrepresenting at every level! This is a excerpt from Mr. Dane’s 5 worthy pages. The full document is available upon request to me or Mr. Dane. Power prices in the range of .16 is on par with third world contries!


I have retained copies of the Business Section of the Edmonton Journal for several months and will list for you the prices that the Edmonton Journal quoted on specific dates. Unfortunately, I did not record the weather data. The 30-day average and the average price of electric energy are for the previous day.
Electric Energy cents per kWt-hr
Date Canadian Dollar Price of Oil Price of Gas 30-day average average for day
09/05/04 74.19 dn, 0.12 $49.76 dn $1.59 $6.40 dn, $0.15 6.6 3.6
10/06/04 73.60 dn, 0.59 $49.76 $6.30 dn,$0.10 3.7 5.3
29/09/04 78.60 dn, 0.02 $63.28 up $12.25 $5.85 up,$0.57 5.7 7.9!!!!
30/09/04 78.75 up, 0.15 $63.29 $6.23 up,$0.38 5.7 8.7!!!!
01/10/04 79.26 up, 0.51 $66.45 up $3.17 $5.35 dn, $0.88 5.7 7.5!!!!
02/10/04 79.21 dn, 0.05 $62.48 dn,$3.97 $4.60 dn, $0.75 5.6 7.0!!!!
08/10/04 79.28 dn, 0.13 $65.02 up,$0.47 $4,98 dn, $0.37 5.6 4.7
22/10/04 80.46 up, 0.17 $66.30 $7.74 up, $0.21 6.1 16.5!!!!!
23/10/04 81.06 up, 0.60 $66.30 $7.65 dn, $0.09 6.2 7.6!!!!
28/10/04 81.55 dn, 0.02 $63.59 up, $2.22 $7.88 dn, $0.52 6.1 8.5!!!!
05/11/04 82.62 up, 0.11 $58.34 dn, $3.03 $6.50 dn, $0.50 6.3 7.9!!!!
06/11/04 83.50 up, 0.68 $58.95 up, $0.64 $5.95 dn, $0.70 6.3 6.8!!!!
09/11/04 83.79 up, 0.25 $58.19 dn, $0.76 $5.80 up, $1.00 6.4 8.8!!!!
10/11/04 83.31 dn, 0.44 $56.76 dn, $1.43 $6.00 up, $0.20 6.4 4.9

Mr. Hancock, by any standard an average price of electric energy for a day of 16.5 cents per kilowatt-hour is extremely high and an average over 30 days of more than 6.0 cents per kilowatt-hour is also excessive. It is not logical to say that electric energy costs are decreasing when you see these figures and I must conclude that you are rationalizing when you say that the contrary is the case.

Premier in is fond of making ridiculous analogies!

K. Allan Dane, M.Sc. (EE)
11234 - &1 Ave. NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 0A6
Telephone: (780) 434-3351. This is ADSL and has voice-mail.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


p. 28 Mark Lisac writes: “Reducing government turned out essentially to mean reducing public debate. Public scrutiny was controlled too. Access to information laws had to contend with political monitoring of all requests. Some information was locked up; during a flap over travel spending in 2004 the government simply closed the formerly open access to travel logs of the province’s fleet of four aircraft (itself hardly a symbol of small government). Legislature sittings were tightened to become among the shortest in Canada. Question period began to yield insults rather than answers.......”

p. 70 “....... no one directly asked Alberta voters whether they wanted to push ahead with a new electricity market structure........ Control of public discourse spread into newspapers as well. The prevailing method of political journalism in the province drifted toward a deliberate strategy of getting along with the government in exchange for a steady diet of leaks that led to ‘exclusive stories’ - stories usually about inconsequential matters or full of inaccuracies.”

[I think Mark Lisac is courageously right. The only voice our present Premier hears is not that of the people. What he hears is the echo of his own sales and advertising department bouncing back off the walls of the market place.]

Blair McPherson

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Klein declares himself the dog in the manger! 

In answer to questions regarding my assessment of the debate:

Mr. Klein has declared himself “the dog in the manger”.

He declared to the Liberals and ND “I will fix it so guys like you can never change it!”
There is only one way to do that: Privatize absolutely everything!

If he is elected again, this is what he will do, this was his declaration!

For young people who are not familiar with the term the dog goes into the manger and sprays it so no one else can use it.

John Clark

John Clark Thanks his readers. 


Thank you for all your emails; somewhat overwhelming. If possible include a contact phone and I can answer questions by a quick call.

Yes! We are billions of dollars into debt. Details will be posted soon, right after we get the proper research done.

On photo radar: Minister says not her fault so I have taken the articles down. Her reply available to you on .pdf format on request.

John Clark

Electricity Deregulation 

Here is an interesting article by Greg Palast, a columist who writes on power degregulation. It may help explain why the owners of electrical generation and distribution facilities in Alberta love Ralph Klein as much as their counterparts in the USA love George Bush. One Year Later ... Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb

A couple of lines in particular caught my eye.

"The under-manning and the under-spending all occurred beneath the banner of "deregulation." In the bad old days of bureaucrats with thick rule books, the government told the power companies exactly how much to spend on repairs.

Under "deregulation," the rules went out the windows and repair cash was carted off as special dividends to stockholders."

Albertans need to think about the fact that George Bush and Dick Cheney are heros to Ralph Klein. Their politics are Ralph's politics from power deregulation to healthcare.

Is this really what we want in Alberta?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Barbie Sales, Crude Oil and Elections 

Martha's Monthly
November 2004
Barbie sales are down! Way down. Sales of the doll have dropped 13% this year and have led her maker, Mattel, to post a 5% drop in revenues. We are talking about billions of dollars in worldwide sales. Now before your feminists heart burst with pride in the misplaced belief that sales are down because self esteem is up among young girls who recognize Barbie's had a few ribs removed to have that waist size, let Martha set the record straight. Barbie sales are down for one big reason: oil prices are up. Way up. And plastic (because Barbie really is just made of plastic) has pretty much doubled in cost because it is made of oil products. When oil goes up, plastic goes up and Barbie sales go down. Don't even get me started on Tupperware.

And as Martha likes to say, everything is political. Even Barbie sales. When we see these big drops in sales of Barbie we have to wonder why. The answer is simpler than economists like to paint it. Simply, when Barbie production costs increase, her retail price increases. As we mothers look at consumer items we manage to simultaneously calculate the relative value of Barbie and the increases we expect to see for gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and all the consumer items that get affected by increases in oil prices because trucking companies have to charge more for transportation costs and the costs get passed on to consumers. Watch for the price of everything from bananas to Tang to increase.
But we live in Alberta. And we have been told that what is good for the oil companies is good for Albertans. I mean we paid off our "debt" with the royalties from oil right? So when oil prices increase Albertans are supposed to be pleased. It means lots more money in our surplus and surpluses are good. At least that is what we have been told by our premier.

There are more than a few voices of dissent on that topic. It might not be as simple as saying that debt is bad and surplus is good. One voice, Duncan Cameron, wrote an article on rabble.ca about why public debt is better than private debt and why the worst public policy decision that can be made is to "pay down the debt". (See
Cameron's article) and another for the Parkland Post that went into more detail on why debt free status is bad public policy.

The Parkland Institute, an Alberta think tank, released a report entitled Giving Away the Alberta Advantage in which they calculate how little Alberta receives from the oil companies. We have heard that Alaska and Norway both receive much larger royalties from their oil. But did you realize that under Peter Lougheed's government we also received much higher royalties? And it was subsequent premiers, Mr. Getty and Mr. Klein, who negotiated much lower royalties for oil companies. They first negotiated these reduced royalties when the bottom fell out of the oil industry in the 1980s. But when oil prices increased the royalty fees did not increase. The Parkland Institute report estimates that just collecting royalties at the same rate as we did during the Lougheed years would have meant about $3.78 Billion more per year between 1992 and 1997. That's nearly $20 Billion difference. So the Klein government let big oil companies (largely foreign owned Martha points out) take an additional $20 Billion in just five years. And these were the years of huge public service cutbacks and "belt tightening" that cut almost every public service in Alberta. We Marthas and Henrys started to take it for granted that our government could not afford things. We began to pay health care premiums (about a billion a year) and we paid user fees for many things we had got free before (maybe you remember when road maps were free, like Martha does). Suddenly Klein took government from a public service to a "business" and made departments find ways to "generate revenue". Provincial parks were privatized, electrical deregulation came into effect and Alberta became the only place in North America that charges people to borrow books from their public library.

Premier Klein has called an election for November 22. There seems little doubt that he will be re-elected. He has refused to discuss any policy issues and seems to be running on the fact that Alberta is debt free. But he has given away billions in oil royalties, begun charging Albertans fees to do nearly everything (a form of regressive taxation) while saying we have low tax rates, and cut services to those who need it most. Duncan Cameron suggests that the issue of oil should be the election issue. Martha agrees. Let's make our government hear our discontent over poor service, user fees, and letting foreign oil companies off too easily. We deserve to know what Klein plans to do after elected and we deserve to have an election where the incumbents will answer our questions.

Below is a letter you can email on to Mr. Klein about this issue. Copy it into a new email and send it to
premier@gov.ab.ca and CC it to Brian Mason, NDP leader at alison.crawford@assembly.ab.ca, Kevin Taft, Liberal leader, at Edmonton.riverview@assembly.ab.ca and back to us at marthasmonthly@yahoo .ca
and a little PS from Martha:

In a few weeks there is a speaker
coming to Calgary, Linda McQuaig who has written a book called "Its The Crude Dude: Oil and The Public Good" And don't forget to VOTE on November 22!

Premier Klein

November 8, 2004

Dear Mr. Klein:

We Marthas of Martha's Monthly are writing to you again!
During this election we are paying close attention to the platform that your Party has decided to run on. We are concerned because we have heard very little substance in your platform. We are keenly aware of the issues of the oil price and believe your platform should make a clear statement on royalties. We are concerned that oil companies in Alberta are not paying a fair royalty for the oil they take from Alberta and they should have paid billions of dollars more over the last 10 years. We are not comparing Alberta's royalties to those of Norway or Alaska. We are simply comparing the royalty rates that were collected under Peter Lougheed's government and your government. The Parkland Institute has calculated that during the years 1992-1997 Alberta collected nearly $20 Billion less on royalties than we could have had we maintained the royalty rates of the Lougheed government. And it was during this same time that Albertans began to pay user fees for everything from libraries to provincial parks to health care.

e want public debate around issues such as oil royalties, user fees, and government programs.
We believe that this discussion is best supported through tried and true democratic measures such as direct and clear campaign platforms and open public policy debate with your opposition and critics. We are less confident than your party that such measures as "public consultations" through questionnaires on health care and AISH raise the critical questions necessary for genuine alternatives in public policy.

Please take the Marthas of this province seriously when you campaign and give us credit. We want to talk about issues during a campaign and we scrutinize Party platforms before we vote. We look forward to your response.


Klein's Auto Insurance Mess Gets Messier  

It is hard to imagine how the Klein government could have screwed up Auto Insurance any more than they already have. They had finally managed to get a policy in place that kept the insurance companies happy and simply screwed the citizens and the injury trial lawyers. This followed standard Tory philosophy which states When you are going to put the shaft to the citizens, make sure you shaft another group even more. Albertans don't mind the government screwing them as long as they think someone else is getting screwed worse.

Now they have managed to get the Auto Insurance companies mad at them by fiddling with the insurance grid just before the election in what appears to be a bid to capture the high risk driver vote in Alberta. Have a look at this article in today's Edmonton Journal. Insurance official says Alberta auto reforms help bad drivers the most. Here's just one quote from the article. "The Alberta government has asked brokers to keep quiet about the disparity in savings from auto reforms with an election approaching," says the Nov. 1 issue of Thompson's World Insurance News.

Looks like the insurance brokers forgot to listen.

It is difficult to know whether the Klein government is corrupt or simply grossly incompetent. Either way they need to be voted out off office on November 22nd.

Premier Klein promised us lots. Click here for a quick review. He has delivered squat

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Cutbacks and cost increases ahead! VOTE! 

The following document, long and detailed, is supported by postings and responses from Government as seen “Welcome to Ralph’s world” full index located at:

Take the time to read, ask your candidates before you vote. Our debt will reach 50% of Canada’s total debt and there has been no idea put forward as to how it is going to be paid! Cost to average home will run hundreds of dollars per month!

Outstanding items for the Government to respond to:

John Clark
14815 – 123 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y7
October 26, 2004.
cyberclark@shaw.ca (contact for copies of original documents)

Honorable Ralph Klein,
Room 307
Legislative Building,
Edmonton, AB T4K 2C6

Re: - Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Dear Premier:

Trash the Feds, alienate Albertans towards Quebec; build your own private brand of paranoia by flirting with the Alberta Firewall while broadcasting ridiculous accusations and insinuations against phantom enemies about to plunder Alberta’s resource. We have heard the same spin so many elections now, we had hoped for something new, possibly the truth!

All of this so you can continue your private plunder for your own personal glory, propelling yourself and your party on lies of omission, barricade mentality and the inherent will to answer not even the very simplest questions regarding the cost of transmission lines and how we are to pay for them; the massive sale of water allotments (100 or greater) to three identities (source Alberta Gazette);the move to turn our water sources over to the Agricultural Food Industry with as little publicity as possible.

You have turned the privatization of water into an art form, the target being to turn it into a commodity so it can be treated as such under NAFTA. Yes, to the farmers and ranchers! You will have to pay for the water out of your dug out’s and your wells. Even rain water and snow melt in covered in NAFTA! All NAFTA needs is for you to push Ralph’s buttons!

You continue to work the royalty systems to the detriment of Albertans. Oil companies in this quarter posted share dividends 300% higher than they did in 2003 the latter totaling 6.7 billions of dollars of Alberta unsustainable resources given away at the lowest prices in the world! That would extrapolate into some 20 billions of dollars, probably more, being taken out of Alberta by the oil companies in the tar sands this year. Esso have just posted the highest dividends ever!

In order to keep our minds off your current miss-direction and debacle’s and to prevent us from discussing the infrastructure disaster presently facing Albertans, you create red herrings of your choosing to allow you to skate past any issues. Alberta’s Paranoia is your friend if not your constant companion. You feed it!

· You call Albertan’s stupid, unable to comprehend the complexities of health care. In truth, the Alberta Medical Association rejected your last submission as being the same as the original of years ago; out of touch; impossible and unsustainable! This leaves you with no plan what so ever; only the insane thrust to privatize health care at any expense!

· Alberta receives the absolute lowest royalties in the world on their oil at 1% of gross on new projects and 25% of net on completed projects. I have to believe they are close to the same final number! Threats to by the oil companies is just so much gas!

· You encourage Syncrude and Suncore into saber rattling of law suits in order for you to further subsidize these companies, extending their “1% very low royalty on gross” onward to include mature “25% of net on projects; producing” to further reduce the royalty they pay back to1%.. Albertans loose!

I asked you at one time “How do you subsidize a company that pays the lowest royalties in the world and pays no income tax partly because of tax loop holes that allow them to deduct costs from unknown losses in the future?“ I think we now have our answer in Firebag; the direction is clearly a further holiday from the 25% (lowest in the world) royalty.

Yet to be explained is, do these companies pay us royalties on the natural gas they have taken out of the market to use in the oil sands productions? I think not. From the diminishing gas reserve (conventional expected to last 6 or 10 years) to the oil sands, to the stock market. Such a deal!

· It is entirely probable the citizens of Alberta will be competing with the oil sands companies for our electrical power. Who paid for the power lines recently built from McMurray south by ATCO? Are these public lines? Private Lines? Do Albertans have to pick up the tab and, how? These are questions that should be answered on all power lines. You created legislation which makes all Albertan’s pay equally for all transmission lines regardless if used by power exporters or local industry.

· I have a letter from Murray Smith who tells me household consumers will see a $2.00 increase in their utility bills for transmission starting in 2006. (Posted on Ralph’s World) I gave this figure to the AESO and, they laughed! The electorate should be given numbers. Prior to the vote! How can pensioners possibly survive your insanity?

· The Minister of Finance said she had a budget of 358 millions of dollars to protect Albertans from high power costs. You separated power generation from power transmission in legislation. When more power is brought on, power price should drop while the transmission charges will increase dramatically! A simple question remains “Will this 358 million also be applied to excesses in power transmission charges?”
The question remains unanswered which means you don’t intend to allow any relief.

· These same questions will apply to the so called “Bow City” coal power generation in Southern Alberta. Planned to be a 1000 MW plant; A 2 million dollar budge for application plus a multi billion dollar generation station has to be paid by someone! Mr. Smith’s letter doesn’t give details on who is to pay, how much is to be paid and for how long.

· Your aggressive thrust to totally privatize water in this province is mentioned above. With farmers and ranchers beat down by mad cow disease and drought you found them easy pickings for buying up cheap water allotments. The Alberta Gazette shows some 100 Water Allotments (water rights) written off, as in cancelled. There are no more than 5 new allotments added.

· This means no more than 5 corporations bought up the water rights of 100 farmers and ranchers who were on hard times. Also, new land locations showed up in these titles which were also bought up by the few. I don’t know if these new locations are rock piles or not. I would however think it has much to do with the voting rights on the water board you created; and you’re up coming fight with Montana, no outsiders welcome.

· Calgary’s future is dark as the glacial run off into the Bow River is expected to last no more than 30 years, water level dropping rapidly. As the Glaciers recede they do not give up their snow fall (all most a contradiction) so readily. In a very short span of time, Calgary and points on the Bow will be totally dependent on ground aquifer for their water!

· Communities find it tempting to get cash for a water allotment by sale or by diversion. Calgary has given up its old Brewery site and old Aquarium site to Coke. The size of these allotments is immense; greater in size than most communities have been able to acquire! As I see it, Calgary will be buying its city water service from Coke or a subsidiary of Coke in the not too distant future. Your Government encourages this!

· This same aquifer that supplies Calgary and southern Alberta originates on the East slope of the Rockies. Minister Cardinal knowing that ranchers were on hard times decided to sell the public grazing lands on the East Slope of the Rockies to the highest bidder. I have asked repeatedly did the sale of these public lands, so very important to our water sources, include water rights in the sale of the land.

The first in time, first in line rule for water ownership is much maligned in its application. Could it be some American Agricultural Food Industry now has first call ahead of Calgary and points south on the water in the Aquifer because of their location as first in line on the slope?

· Despite claims to the contrary, interbasin transfer of water is alive and well in Alberta. The Peace River is the only river in Alberta that we do not have to account to another jurisdiction for its use or misuse. The fully engineered Weatherford project (millions spent on it) is sitting on your shelf still as good as the day it was paid for. It covers the move of more than 1/2 of the flow of the mighty Peace River, south. It delegates giant electrical lifting stations to move the water. Each station uses more power than a city. When asked if they are going to use it, your environment department answered “people are against interbasin transfer – it is proven to be bad.” I take this as a yes we are going to use it but don’t want to disclose it until after we are elected!

· You destabilized power generation in Alberta by denying Edmonton the permits necessary to build an “add on” generating capacity at Genesee. This persisted for years! Once the generating was adequately destabilized because of shortage of power, you invented “Power Purchase Options” and sold off the Alberta Electricity at a return to Alberta of less than 1cent on each dollar of value!

· Even at this incredible price you persist in spinning the “risk” these people took. It is a coincidence that the 6 – 7 billion dollars in losses to Albertan’s by selling the power system is in the same range as the 6 – 7 billion dollars taken out of Alberta Oil Sands as profits by 10 of the 34 operators? How many hundreds of years do you think it will take for us to recover from your plunder? Alberta’s heritage? When you get finished there will not be one!

· You created AESO. (Alberta Electric Service Operator) On the surface a private and independent company. The Minister of Energy appoints all the board members and the chair thereby totally controlling the company. This allows your Government to conveniently say these problems have nothing to do with us, the government; it is an AESO problem. AESO is private! AESO should have been a department so the responsibility or lack of it would be apparent and you can stand accountable. This is blatant! A company directly running the government!

· This brings us to power transmission lines. Twelve years ago you brought into law power equalization laws. No one part of Alberta was going to pay more for electricity than any other part of Alberta. Who would have guessed it would lead to all of Alberta paying the absolute highest utility prices in the country?

· You embarked on a power generation scheme with no budget figures at all! When asked to produce accurate costs you jumped on any number available; still no actual figures. Now, before the EUB is a projection for the power lines coming in at 422 millions of dollars, including a wind generation line that is not in use 40% of the time. Albertans will have to pay for this line in total even though it is for export and remains unused a large portion of the time. It is important to note under EUB rules a company can be out by 30% in estimates with no penalty. Mr. Lougheed is quoted as saying he can get better than 11% profit for building lines. At cost plus, who is coming up short?

· In order to avoid talking to Albertan’s about their really huge increased costs you have elected to make an inspired last moment submission to the EUB, promising to enlighten all and in the course of doing this you have delayed the EUB decision until after an election. A slick a way of hiding issues!.

· At no point in the submissions or in your conversation do you tell Albertan’s that the power exporters to other jurisdictions including California via BC have to pay for the use of the power lines. It is left for us to assume it will be treated the same as the oil royalties and Albertan’s can face a future of no health care because we now have to pay for the power lines. No other monies available because you have capitulated to the Suncore demands on extended lower royalties.

· You have “privatized” our camp grounds. These, turned over to the political “in line” people were sold for pennies against the amount of improvement put into them. In some cases the Federal Government had put in water, showers, public toilets and a managers residence at costs of many hundreds of thousands of dollars for public use. You gave these away with no proper compensation what so ever! Costs again to the Alberta individuals. Gone from mind? I don’t think so!

· User fees, your personal tax on life in general. Drink containers, tires, if you can name it you have taxed it hitting every lunch box and snack in the province. All the monies dumped into general revenue along with health care premiums to create your surplus. In truth a little coin in the bank to protect the low royalty rates you have elected to pay the oil companies in order to sponsor a high rate of return for the stock market.

It is time for a change where Albertan’s can claim for equity in their province and, you are not up to it!
John Clark

Any documents available upon request john Clark@cyberclark.ca

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